The official channel of MAYTREE, THE Korean Acappella group who performed over Asia for concerts and gigs, etc.
Maytree is a professional mixed a cappella group founded in 2000, and has been active ever since, in all sorts of performance, concerts, TV and Radio shows, commercial music, CD recording and education. Our own unique color comes from our refined arrangements, original pieces, the powerful vocal drum and harmony. We have been finding ways to make brand-new beautiful sounds with the human voice.

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  1. TristanIsBadAtMC

    when the impostor is sus

  2. TristanIsBadAtMC

    amazing in every way

  3. Majid The Legend Gaming

    This give me gusebumbs

  4. Iam krishna

    Right side girl is cute☺️☺️ i only watch her😍

  5. Colonizer

    I can't stop watching the video over and over again 👀 Is awesome.

  6. Ultimate Fandom

    You can make a whole video of all of Discord's sound effects. Including it's secret ringtone.

  7. •lavabird•

    0:44:) "Winter is coming oh winter is coming" sounded rare

  8. A_Dryan

    This is orgasmic, memories.

  9. Dumdum Banana

    Incredible! Just one thing... you can barely hear the bass and I feel it would give the song more life if it were a bit louder

  10. TechBaffle

    The Skype sound is low-key a bop!

  11. TASIK

    Its fake :) (You can hear some sound but nobody was singing)

  12. Juan Sierra

    Que cojones se me herizo la piel

  13. Luke Jones

    does WeChat have a sound effect?

  14. BeActive Behappy

    When they sang, *"wawk wawk waank waunk waunk wank wa wadak" x2* _I felt that_

  15. Avantika N

    친절하게 하쿠나 마타타 해

  16. Avantika N

    Kindly do hakuna matata

  17. Ahmet Aksu

    Hey, undertale doesn't mean megolavania.

  18. TRIPLE M

    Beautiful 🤩

  19. AADHYA V

    God or what ♥️

  20. AADHYA V


  21. Sharpener

    If you made Lavender town in the same style you made harry pottet, I would fall in love with this channel

  22. Dimitris Kalandranis

    These are hilarious....

  23. Meera Kanna


  24. The Masterkate

    Imagine when you are sleep, and they make sounds effect of these, and message or alarms actually not come.


    Me: next interstellar Others: it's not possible Me: it's necessary

  26. Girl gamer S.A.R.S

    Is that fake?????


    Acun abi alamanyadan geliyorum bikbaks yapacam

  28. 트루준

    여기 레전드 베이스임ㄷㄷ 2:30부터 3:01초까지 베이스 비트박스 조합 레게노 근데 솔칙히 내가 말한 레전드는 절반 이상이 2:53초임 ㄷㄷ 개지린다 ㄷㄷ 이건가.. 붜어오웨아(?)

  29. Zeon Hize

    like for the hodor

  30. Vishu vyas

    I don't have iPhone but I'm enjoying this😄😅

  31. ☁︎꧁Bᴇʀʀʏ_Qᴡᴇᴇɴ꧂☁︎

    I want your alarm as my alarm XD

  32. 라이진

    너무 좋아여 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  33. ま


  34. Sergiu Mladenovici

    0:46😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣what it was that

  35. Harsh Dhanak

    I have a sneaky suspicion that these lot would be better than marshmello dancing to a tiktok in the final

  36. Sergiu Mladenovici

    Listen her

  37. Haseen Ishraq

    UEFA where u at

  38. 민초

    와! 샌즈! 언더테일 아시는구나!

  39. Twinkle Bts

    Please try Narnia lullaby

  40. riaaa

    Can you do The Hunger Games song?

  41. 이우현

    정말 잘 보고 있어요. 사랑해요. 메이트리

  42. Twinkle Bts

    This made me get goosebumps

  43. GSADM 99

    The best version ever!

  44. Kwak Seokchan

    0:50 유니버어서어얼~~~~

  45. Vera licious

    Never in my life got Pam Pam this hard before 🤣

  46. 타잉소담


  47. Mondero _


  48. 타잉소담

    진짜 레전드!!!!!

  49. 타잉소담

    오!!!! 대박

  50. 타잉소담

    와...!!! 대박

  51. 타잉소담


  52. Higod FF

    Perfeito 🇧🇷

  53. noe torres

    clase talento

  54. noe torres


  55. 권민지

    선생님들 혹시 LG 기상송되나여? 굿모닝 딩딩딩~ 빠빠빠 빠빠 빠빠빠빱~

  56. e'nchanted

    no fucking way, they actually did it °-°

  57. TheFoolok

    "Undertale theme", nice name

  58. 매우 건전한 이름

    이거 뭐하는사람들임?? 넷마블? 광고도 하던데

  59. Afry Liyan

    Bravo for the girl on the right for her effort in produce the voice theme from the beginning to the end. It's not easy...

  60. Antonio Vitulli

    No ma neanche minimamente

  61. Beckam Sharer

    0:09 omg, such harmony 😌

  62. Moukthika Pathi

    The snapchat, Skype and discord, are just amazing!!!

  63. nguyễn hoàng thắng

    oh shit what a performance

  64. Myrrh

    The middle dude.... He stared into my soul....

  65. 타이완넘버원

    들을때마다 소름돋네;;

  66. Kirzten Abby Bautista


  67. Kirtan Manna

    Damn you guys are good

  68. Denovan


  69. steven philip abesamis

    friday night funkin be like

  70. Quicktwosteps

    Lady on the right was working it. Shout out on the guy at the back doing the wind sound at the beginning.

  71. Maryo Cecilyo

    I wish make Sencha too :(

  72. 재영

    이건 못참지 ㅋㅋ

  73. Agnel Francis

    I can hear baselines

  74. Yes or No

    0:15 희선이 메롱 완벽하다 합-격

  75. Maryo Cecilyo

    Got recommened 18-05-2021 23:33

  76. 香水バイエルン


  77. tuguldur jaranjil

    Make the beginning of the movie Penthouse

  78. 오킹얼굴오퀸