I play video games too much. I might not be the best, but I do have hot elbows.

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  1. •Toffee Chan•

    KOround just loves recommending things 6 years late, doesn't it?

  2. Chase Nielsen

    What happened to the original thumbnail

  3. MidKnight 2004

    8:11 Famous Last Words

  4. Christian Saranza

    Imagine being the owner of the best server in minecraft, but still level 1 on bedwars

  5. meepmanthegreat

    stop sorting by new

  6. Havingnolifeis Fun

    My god this video is getting like a million views a week damn

  7. I_Am_Bored

    keyboard proness

  8. The Troublesome Trio: Chaos' POV

    Poor Callahan lol

  9. MicroCheese

    Skyblock players are the nicest people on the planet. a few videos later.

  10. Log Bodnir

    Techno is the definition of work smarter, not harder

  11. Jacob Emmanuel Martin

    Technoblade axe is stronger but slower just jump for the axe be faster you'l get use to it

  12. Blues Hand Luc

    G o r f

  13. Yammy

    О да, россия.

  14. Rusher

    Techno has to use the same screens hot of him dead because it's the only time he has ever died in blitz, it took the entire server targeting him with hack clients on

  15. Kingslayer

    That was 15 seconds

  16. Justin Brown

    I wonder if Technoblade knows about him being the leader of the group where he fights Dante in Skyblock

  17. toilet paper

    Rip BBH

  18. Penguino The Penguin

    Every word that comes out of technos mouth is gold

  19. kellan kenyon

    This is so peaceful to watch just techno taking out a hole team in bedwars by himself.

  20. The Anime Encyclopedia

    This video just screams The Stanley Parable XD *THE TECHNOBLADE PARABLE!*

  21. I don’t know Who I am

    I have two ping

  22. Penguino The Penguin

    Just he’s like “HE KNOWS” 😂

  23. Anthony Orta

    he protec he attac but most importantley his upload schedule is crap

  24. Kenthegamer3011: gaming

    At the end he just says ur bad to get us to sub. (It totally worked).

  25. Bacon man

    couldn't you shift click to place a block of tnt on a note block

  26. Chicharo Loco

    Rip original picture on the front video what happened

  27. Astro

    0:37 the last resemblance of present-day technoblade. The laugh is eternal.

  28. Smoke

    5 years later

  29. KingBeast

    I failed my math test and I asked her why and she said “well you did all the questions right... but you did not do it how I wanted you to”

  30. Munchy Lax

    Techno blade:gets nuked me: not even close baby techno blade never dies

  31. メanime

    Guess Techno love anime🤣

  32. Optimus Gamer Pro

    Bro Technoblade, plz train me bedwars I am not too good at it plz or make a video on it

  33. Shdw.


  34. Phoebe Hutchins

    11:02 I thought the shroomlight was a command block and I was thinking *WAIT WHAT HOW DID HE GET A COMMAND BLOCK???*

  35. Heath Family




  37. Sam Hannel

    Imagine the chaos that would ensue if people used this as a reference to learn how to drive

  38. doctor magnetic

    0:24 little techno made a swear, lol

  39. HeadPool03

    friend 1:05:53

  40. Allie & Angel

    Techno's Words of Wisdom: " I think the moral of this story is at the end of the day, sometimes the best camafloge is not hiding directly next to a man wearing a BRIGHT BLUE SONIC ONESIE!"

  41. J Sheila H

    lets go techno

  42. Landon Wolf Wolf


  43. Bugafer Jones

    This is entirely true

  44. Zixsavion

    ᶜᵃⁿ ⁱ ʳᵉᵃᶜʰ ¹ᵏ ˢᵘᵇˢ ᶠʳᵒᵐ ᵀʰⁱˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ

  45. Bugafer Jones

    POV: You've been randomly recommended this for no reason.

  46. Peyton Alwin

    End portal frame

  47. akeelah

    techno: has an axe also techno: *proceeds to uses fists to cut down tree*

  48. jumikoo _u-

    When tommyinnit has more Subscribers than technoblade

  49. Cormac Cousino

    Y does dis contain swearing I’m not used to him swearing

  50. Conner Wente

    Huh? Pythagorean theorem was useful for once?

  51. Abigail Chariyasatit

    Techno: has a "poor setup" me: is still in elementary school and has a monitor and laptop...

  52. doctor magnetic

    so thats why he whispers so often

  53. Shaan P

    11.40 22:20

  54. Icarus Shepherd

    he's called techNOBLADE for a reason

  55. Sugar Rush

    "Noone will know!" . . . "Except that wither"

  56. My_Chemical_Failure !

    The hell is he wearing

  57. Ганзориг Ганзориг

    Tapl is like when he saw techno:IS THAT THE GRIM REAPER

  58. Lex going crazy

    AFTER SO LONG. THAT TOOK 9 HOURS AND 21 MINUTES. Technoblade, you have high standards

  59. Daly Parfieniuk


  60. HaulerSMP - Funzzy

    the end LOL im dyingggggggg ancient stink

  61. Happy Red Maple Leaf

    Hey don’t hate on windows live movie maker like that :[

  62. Little brown slothie


  63. Sr Onaimus

    Minecraft manhunt but it ain't boring and its Techno vs random kids