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  1. zaphenath73

    Shannon: LeBron GOAT! 😆😆😆

  2. Jonathan Blaze

    Steph is overrated as a great player. He is spectacular in meaningless games and times. The majority of bright light games, his game drops from a 10 to a 7. First 3 games of 2025 Finals he got outplayed by Dellavedova, that's humiliating. Nothing can change the fact that 30 years from now it will be part of his legacy.....3 rings and ZERO Finals MVP's. Facts. Skip is right.

  3. ThePoxerrobot

    Steph curry is the people’s MVP

  4. Drilled In.

    The fact Skip states it's head to head... Oh please!!

  5. Eric Wittman

    Embiid plays defense. Jokic doesn’t play defense. Defense is valuable. Embiid is more valuable.

  6. Razor HXH

    Kobe was NOT Clutch. He did Jedi mind tricks on his fanbase and had the media convinced he was clutch by wanting the ball at the last minute. His numbers were garbage in clutch moments compared to Lebron and MJ.

  7. GALA RooK

    "What part didn't you get?"

  8. 1and 2

    Anyone actually scared floyd might lose?

  9. Truet

    he’s top 50 for sure, but skip made a great case though no 🧢

  10. Andre Dotson

    Does defense count for anything. Half of every game is on the defensive side. There leaving out half their play

  11. Michael Gregory

    All these teams that are letting Giannis practice his 3pt shooting during games are gonna regret that

  12. Original Oscar J

    He has a point

  13. Richard Longfellow

    What is the big news on this. Yall act like noone in football has ever been replaced.

  14. many manyperson

    Once i take these men's words serious, i would be an idiot

  15. Yuce Yilmaz

    Jo Morrant


    russ is the best pg of all time maybe not as a leader but overall he is its just my opinion

  17. Shane Johnson

    I’m starting to think Shannon is a Micheal Jordan hater.

  18. layah furtado

    she looks like skip now

  19. Gavriel Krauss

    Walter "Clyde" Frazier Jr. gets no respect. Nobody else mentioned was a true 2-way player.

  20. Joe Joe

    When sr said brrrrrr.. pappp!! I'm sleep😂😂😂

  21. Tehui

    I still remember seeing Penny playing in his prime for the Magic. He was my favourite player to watch at the time.

  22. John Elway

    Mj this show sucks

  23. Michael Adderley

    Where was that leadership against Hakeem, Maxwell, and Houston Rockets....1-5....during the 1st 3peat....and Houston was beating them when they got drexler....

  24. Adrian Rocha

    Shannon flip-flopping faster than Mitch McConnell on his Supreme Court justice stance after Ruth Bader Ginsburg died.

  25. Biden Supporter

    Aaron wants out of the NFC! The GOAT rules the field in the NFC now! Not a grazing cry 😢baby...

  26. Black Oak

    Westbrook OVERALL is the best !!! He does so much more than S curry

  27. jrod2422

    They did TO wrong. Yeah he was a pin in the A. But he did give his all every play. But I’m glad he is in the hall of fame now

  28. L.M

    Some PG's i'd put ahead of Westbrook: (This is in no particular order) 1) Magic 2) Curry 3) Nash 4) Isiah Thomas 5) Oscar 6) CP3 7) Stockton And then Westbrook. Luka will push Westbrook further down when it's all done

  29. hume1234561

    Shannon is trying to help the Cowboys, but they can't be helped.

  30. Kesbert Gone

    Shannon, you don't like MJ no matter what I don't get you at all you like Lebron and every time LeBron is being compared with any other player u pick LeBron

  31. Nexas Lexaeus

    Rodman would probably foul out in today’s DEF rules before 4th quarter

  32. TopZz AU

    Shame skip is playless

  33. czarwaka

    even discussing westbrick as a top5 pg ever is nonsens...he won nothing, chases stats and breaks up teams...magic, stocton, zeke and oscar are waaaay better and there is one steph curry playing today who is on a different level than russ... i take pete maravich, gary payton, cp3, steve nash and jason kidd ahead of him as well...and can u just forget bob cousy...so if i didnt forget someone....and we consider AI and Mr Logo shooting guards than maybe he is the 12th best pg ever

  34. Ernest Wimberly


  35. Steve Berlack

    As a Giants fan, I thought this clip was epic! 😅

  36. joe G

    My top 10 point guards: 1)Magic Johnson 2)Steph Curry 3)Isaiah Thomas 4)Oscar Robertson 5)Russell Westbrook 6)John Stockton 7)Steve Nash 8)Gary Payton 9)Chris Paul 10)Bob Cousy

  37. Fred Hill

    Have u guys ever heard of dr j, huh skip

  38. Jacob Knock

    As a Cavs fan, the move and the destination didn't bother me, he's a free agent he can leave. But how he did it - saying he wouldn't have gone if they won, not even letting Russ know, telling Russ and Sam Presti he is staying a day before you signed with Golden State, that's my issue

  39. Ten Thirty

    Even if LeBron was healthy he wouldn't win if AD wasn't healthy just like the Lakers couldn't win before acquiring AD

  40. Misogi k

    The joker hate is disappointing

  41. Marshall The French Bulldog

    Do they still not know it was Jake who fought Nate no Logan 😂 still dont know the difference and there on TV talking about it. Ridiculous 😂😂

  42. Isiah Francisco

    Luka got a 9/9 contested 3points shot

  43. Isiah Francisco

    Luka is not cluth? Skip should play basketball not barbie

  44. Isiah Francisco

    He got me in when he say Luka play at the grown man got family LMAO

  45. Big Theodore

    One of my problems with Michael Jordan's is that when Everybody's Talkin about its greatness they forget that the preferential treatment he received from the referees is what really helped him in a few of those series. The Phantom call against humid Davis when the Knicks had the lead and could have went up 3- 1 and his blatant found against Byron Russell his blatant filed against other players that left him open for shots. You call that part of his greatness when he clearly found people and judging by things that his former teammate Steven college teammates who said Michael Jordan cheated in a game of fish against his mother, People take stuff like that and say he has the need to win he has the ambition but he's a cheater in a lot of cases and he gets preferential treatment that a lot of other people just did not get and still don't. They change rules to make it easier for him to score

  46. C VADER

    Had to throw lebron in there...MJ is still criticized and he handles it well.

  47. Sagar Thakkar

    I mean he’s been MVP in regular season but 1-3 in NFC championship games and 1-4 at Lambeau in the playoffs

  48. Mad Moon Rabbit

    No, no no no, he did NOT "fight" Inoki. Go re-watch the fight.

  49. Isiah Francisco

    And now playoffs is near, meanwhile Mavs is in the 5th place and the pelican is in 12th place, don't forget Zion got a Solid Steven adams, point Zo and Ingram, but Luka got only trash players, KP can't even play 2 straight game, then tell me now who's the better one? Luka or Zion

  50. Dom Dom

    Lamelo rookie year is better than Lonzo carrer, as simple as that.

  51. Kuya Bryan

    This guy is very annoying. No girl would want this kind of personality.

  52. France Bondoc

    If lebron was the goat.. why. Did he join. D. Wade Chris bosh and ray allen to win his first and second championship... Jordan didn't choose a team to win a championship.. he wins a nba 6 titles in just 1 team..

  53. ThoughtsOfThePeople

    How can you be a fraudulent 13-3 that makes it to the NFC championship game? Lol

  54. world star

    The brinks truck was backing up!....kmart: it was in neutral!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  55. Brian Hacker

    Because Kyrie is a Self-Centered spoiled brat who lives in a bubble and has zero ideal about the real world ! He's a Clown

  56. Andre Ora

    Cry 👶

  57. SOS Hollywood

    Wow skip admitted LeBron "can close occasionally" that's a big step

  58. Michael A

    Skip is a big troll. He is doing everything to generate clicks and views.

  59. Ailton Macamo

    Jordan, Kareem are the only ones in the Goat conversation. Archivements speak to itself.

  60. Jamie Ward

    I don’t get how every other player in the league is expected to figure it out, but lonzo has been in the league almost five years and we still have to see if he can “get it a good situation or he is unhappy” man just stop there is no way he is developing to a star all of a sudden

  61. iEskrima EniGma

    The 73-9 warriors team, was not better than the rockets that season but Steph’s team balled out over harden when matched up. And balled out over every other team except the cavs. Surprising the whole world!!!! Sit down skip!!! With your logic Steph is better that Harden!!! Stop it

  62. Kevin Tan

    The only wrong thing that Chris ever did was appear in the same show as Skip.

  63. Kay Bands

    Westbrook is going to be the most unappreciated and most disrespected player to ever play the game

  64. Rust Cohle

    “We have conversations about LeBron James vs Michael Jordan” Nah, we really don’t. Y’all do. Rest of us laugh at you thinking LeBron is in MJ class. He ain’t even close. MJ been and will be 🐐