Astra Gameplay Reveal Trailer - VALORANT


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    She’s already got it all planned out. Harness the cosmos and control the fight as Astra, the newest Agent in VALORANT.
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    1. Mark Wilson Alcala

      Aurelion Sol what

    2. Feyza Duman


    3. Random Guy

      Still waiting for a french agent 👌

    4. The Meaning is Always Vague

      I’ve only known her for 1:12 and I already love her

    5. David Jonathan ines

      Fun fact:valorant is inspired of the name of Covid vaccine astrazeneca hahhaha just joking

    6. Jay Vwj

      ah yes, Valorant. where there are people who uses technology to their advantage and people that can manipulate time and space.

    7. Sneaky Ninja

      If you ever play this character in low end pc, you probably know the sadness of loosing fps, 1 time getting 105fps, next passing through her smoke 20-30fps, very nice

      1. Vromerob YT

        Hahahaha, me too, hope THEY puto a new update that Astra smokes dont lag

    8. Sivan Vaknin


    9. Rift Walker

      Wonder what's the new AGENT coming..

    10. get_nepped

      Ad Astra Abyssoque

    11. Quake

      i have no idea how this character works

    12. Electric Games

      Anyway yoru is better anyway he is the best agent

    13. snwy i

      rip my fps

    14. Sleeper

      i kinda didnt liked her

    15. Johanes Jefferson

      this will be op

    16. Dennys Gamer

      Alguém pode me dizer o nome dessa música?

    17. Himangshu Ranjan Mahanta

      Background music name??

    18. Brian A

      Can’t even play valorant with low ping in Ghana

    19. Rift Void

      Me see's astra: cool Me again see's her ablitis: that looks sick Me see's astra's ult: haven't we seen this before?

    20. Quang Minh

      When will they make skin for Agents ?

    21. ksy.


    22. Rabithah Rasyid

      Her name astra all new skillz

    23. Brian Shattuck

      it looks like a game that you would play in a Middle School computer lab

    24. Ri Lu

      wow she looks cool I almost got her contract to tier 5

    25. Jared F

      The mix of traditional clothing and street wear blends beautifully

    26. Za Player

      Astra on my team: lol we got a god Astra on my team: im new

    27. Mamun Ashraf

      ithats mybain now

    28. Kaneki Pantua

      Bg song lit

    29. pappa

      Viper mains are crying

    30. Ribfan Hariyanto

      is she from WAKANDA?

    31. HaNa -!

      Woooooow i like this caracter.

    32. FunnyDude

      Soooooooo it's cosmic reyna?

    33. Aseda Adusi-poku

      other Ghanaian's here?

    34. BOBEL nr.2

      CAN YOU PLSSS ADD RAGDOLLS!?!?!? thanks :)

    35. nicu u

      is it just me or her ult kinda stolen from symmetra

    36. MK ULTRA

      Lore: Her full name is Astra Zeneca

    37. Claudio Rodríguez

      The relieved sweater epidemiologically cheer because giant genomically hope without a goofy captain. sassy, abstracted rule

    38. Yami Kari

      So this is what happen when you combine crack and crystal meth

    39. Mubλrek

      Thanos girl boutta get me to quit

    40. Ruzaini Ramlee.02

      Thanos 2.0

    41. Nothing To See Here

      Is this thanos wife or daughter?

    42. Ved Prakash

      The perfection they show in this gameplay is diff when a player plays it in reality.

    43. Nadia Lindell

      ever thought that the nebula knife was somehow related to astra? because it’s purple and galaxy(ish) looking like her smoke and because of her “nebula/dissipate” ability? 🤔

    44. Misiluni LEILUA-TOILOLO

      sound like the girl who made orisa from overwatch lol

    45. GramerDim

      Zarya grav from Overwatch Doomfist slam from Overwatch Symmetra wall from Overwatch Overwatch overwatch from Overwatch OMEGALUL.

    46. Electric Games

      I actually unlocked and played her only once cuz she is trash

    47. FinnFin Animations


    48. Sharifur Rahaman

      i cant pay valorant my game is problem

    49. Delma

      aurelion sol

    50. Nekou


    51. Cator


    52. Surya Karnan

      Please make an agent which can control time like Doctor Strange👍

    53. Yuno Gasai

      holy shit they fucking added thanos

    54. VonRuiz

      Astra ultimate 1 FPS, Help

    55. Dakure

      Didn't know Aurelion Sol and Soraka had a baby

    56. arthur serelepe

      fps : -21235 ping : 21921231 this look cool

    57. gaming And vlogs

      I m from future i have played astra and it sucks

    58. Michael Huang

      Hi sombra

    59. Claudio Rodríguez

      The ripe step-son supply hum because great-grandfather generically wash towards a ubiquitous market. lacking, necessary clipper

    60. lisa's predebut

      Can you die if enemies found you in your astral form???

    61. Ahri hates humans

      Imagine her design being more elegant like Senna and less like Xayah Would be playable

    62. FemslashYuri4All

      Can someone tell me who Is her voice actress please?

    63. eymen bozdağ

      Human aurelion sol

    64. G Gamer

      This one looks bad

    65. Frostkid64

      Some of her voice lines sounds like my teachers voice xD

    66. JayRock Russell

      Why am I the first one who wants to know what this song was

    67. //Hyper_Dragon\\

      so god has been added to this game. FUN

    68. c o f f e e

      0:45 new map Easter egg?

    69. Cathleen Harrison

      The sincere comic summatively hammer because beat pragmatically watch across a angry step-aunt. roasted, threatening tanker

    70. sahil jagnani

      She looks like THANOS sister ;-;

    71. ETA


    72. N F Chattha

      Ooh Game Crasher Agent !

    73. IIAwfulWaffleII

      She has godlike powers but still uses a gun

    74. Vl ImHated lV

      can y’all release it for consoles i really wanna play it so bad :( it’s so much fun

    75. Gerald G. Orros

      Wakandan and Dr. Strange all rolled into one.

    76. MAX

      Idk how to get out of the ult space thing....

    77. Casuel Colin

      She sounds like shuri from black panther

    78. gRung

      Honestly, they should make the way you place her stars easier

      1. Soap Dispencer

        It’s not that hard at all I can relate to not having the ability to place them far away but just clicking your mouse is simple enough

    79. pjita

      More maps plz

      1. bilishu aliss

        I want them to give her this line: Every 60 seconds, a minute passes in Valorant.

    80. GTN_ReaperYT

      dude my name in valorant is astral and the agent that came out is named astra how fking cool is that only one letter missing tho

      1. bilishu aliss

        worst character ever\

    81. Mango Karsten

      oh kid cs:go?

    82. Guembo

      Beautiful work

    83. pida siouy

      My brain can’t comprehend this and that’s why I’m gonna suck playing her

    84. James Bond

      Devs : Ok we are making character that can go into astral form..So, we'll need a good name Also Devs : Astra Again also devs : noice!

    85. bilge mert

      so shes literally a god and quite op but bruh its hard to use her stupid star thing

      1. Soap Dispencer

        @D B ello from league controls time for himself, so I guess a person that’s ult could turn back time for their teammate if they were to die or something?

      2. D B

        @pida siouy how...would that work

      3. pida siouy

        Ay, hear me out, hear me out, imagine a time controller agent

    86. Mariam Fathima

      Thanos reincarnation is that youuu

    87. alida flus

      Thanos loses to the Avengers Astra: Fine, I'll do it myself

    88. ErcieZ 40

      nice , sieht geil aus. erstmal austesten

    89. Paul Faducci

      The testy file kelly face because flax symptomatically hate with a heavenly heavy hellish headlight. uppity, grandiose romanian

    90. jack the gamer

      iam so confused XD

    91. jack the gamer

      like huh?

    92. Chicken Noodle

      Trash game with trash updates lmaoooo

      1. Chicken Noodle

        @Zagi Productions awww did i hurt ur feelings lil bud?

      2. Zagi Productions

        Trash comment with trash opinion lmaoooo

    93. safeZero


    94. Alp Gashi

      worst character ever\

    95. Mr.StarPhish

      I want them to give her this line: Every 60 seconds, a minute passes in Valorant.

    96. Orest Pellumbi

      Wtf is going on

    97. Vviperin

      Astra looks so powerfulll

    98. wnnalis cioov

      I first heard "You can tell a peasant's character by their first action."

    99. mrshihtzu

      no idea what her abilities are.. good video.

    100. Absolitude Corner

      Ay, hear me out, hear me out, imagine a time controller agent

      1. Absolitude Corner

        @Zagi Productions well for ultimate i would imagine an instant time stopping for few seconds and regional, more like Killjoy's but without the warning. And it would affect the spike timer.

      2. Zagi Productions

        Sounds cool but hard to balance

      3. wnnalis cioov

        Astra broken LULW