[클라우드 X BTS] 클라우드 생 드래프트 - 프리런칭 편(15")


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    클라우드 생 드래프트의 새로운 모델 🍻
    BTS와 함께한 New 캠페인 ‘프리런칭’편을 공개 합니다!
    Ps. Next! 본편도 기대해 주세요✨
    탄산볼륨을 높이면,
    신선함도 높아지지
    가장 높이 올라간 그들의 만남
    클라우드 X BTS
    #생맥주의신선함을그대로 #클라우드가제대로만든
    #초신선생라거 #클라우드生DRAFT #BTS #맥주 #모델 #클라우드

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    1. ထယ် ယောင်း

      kim taehyung main event

    2. giselle andrea soliman

      Jawline sharper than knife


      We love you Kim Taehyung We love you Kim Taehyung We love you Kim Taehyung

    4. SKY BLUE

      눈부셔!^^ 클라우드탄산남~뷔!

    5. 그냥 들어 봐말 하지마

      Kloud beer borahae!

    6. Hadiy han


    7. Hadiy han


    8. Athoory BE7

      미모 실화입니까? 💜💜😭

    9. Athoory BE7

      태형이 미모에 넘 눈부시다 😍😍

    10. Athoory BE7

      태형이는 아무거나 다 잘어울려 😭

    11. Athoory BE7

      😊💜 태형이 그대로가 좋아

    12. Athoory BE7

      태형이 목소리 진짜 많이 애정해 😍

    13. Athoory BE7

      태어나줘서 고마워요 😭

    14. Athoory BE7

      태형이 연기 너무 잘해요 🥺❤️

    15. Athoory BE7

      나는 태형이가 정말로 자랑스러워요 💜

    16. M V

      He's the most handsome man in the world for a reason

    17. Andrea Celeste


    18. Gabriela Segura Barrios

      We will always be with you no matter what you wear,you are the best for us,we are proud of you I PURPLE U ♡•♡

    19. bangtan mgtai

      Kim Taehyung is beautiful angel!

    20. bangtan mgtai

      Love u so much Kim Taehyung and BTS!

    21. 그냥 들어 봐말 하지마

      Hello my love. Awesome! I purple you!

    22. good boy tae

      I miss taehyung :)

    23. Tae Tae my love

      Divino Tae

    24. Tae Tae my love

      Tae tae my love

    25. Дамехан Торежанова

      Taehyung is unbelievable handsome man

    26. lisa lia


    27. Taehyung's Stan 4Eva

      3M. Lets get it.

    28. Carol

      Road to 3M

    29. ishi yadav

      He is the best

    30. V그므시라꼬

      I love you 💜

    31. Lolyayr

      To solo stan: You are sick

      1. Shãmêléss

        Correction : to all the solo stans who dare to hate tae tae r so sick... mentally and physically

      2. dm k

        What the fuvkk

    32. 그냥 들어 봐말 하지마

      This is one commercial that makes me happy.

    33. Isabel oceguera

      En terminos de antojar, ya antojaron (*^*) Y tambien la cerveza claro 7u7. Hermosoooooo I purple u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    34. Andrea Celeste


    35. aalia

      Kim Taehyung , my babe got a lot of hate just because of an ad ..but don't worry baby , God is with you and they are watching all these haters and their karma will get them soon..this hate is not gonna harm you because you are a kind beautiful human being. The more they'll hate you the more you'll get successful...I pray for your success and your unstoppable bright shining future everyday ...God bless you Taehyung 🙏 ❤

      1. dm k

        Hate gonna hate but taehyung so shining

    36. aalia

      Kim taehyung 💜 💕

    37. 킴 소피아

      네가 무엇을 어떻게 하든 너는 우리에게 최고야

    38. 킴 소피아

      당신은 저한테 세상이에요

    39. joonnie baby dream

      Pura perfección en este comercial odvio *Lentes mod diva*

    40. joonnie baby dream

      Ahhh que perfección!!!! ¿donde están disponibles las cheves? .-.

    41. Luz Mery

      Eres el mejor KIM TAEHYUNG 💜

    42. Taehyung Kim


    43. ray

      natural actor Kim Taehyung WOW

    44. Aranza Zabel


    45. boro sapohh


    46. Citlalli Zometa

      Kim Taehyung,el Dios,debería estar con los dioses griegos o en su mínimo un museo

    47. Emilly Melo


    48. d k

      내가 이 광고만 보면 기분이가 글케 좋아😁 광고 바껴도 이거 볼 거 같아😆

    49. 그냥 들어 봐말 하지마

      This commercial is so addicting.

    50. Karen Muriedas

      You are perfect!!

    51. Salima Salima

      Taahyung so charismatic

    52. Yerlin torres barboza

      El mejor comercial de cerveza... Salud precioso

    53. 원더풀장

      술안마시는 나도 먹기 쉽고 부드러운 클라우드~ 태형아 사랑해

    54. Thaila Ariana

      The perfect man 😍

    55. 그냥 들어 봐말 하지마

      Love this commercial!

    56. 백설기67

      오늘도 클라우드 사왔당~ 요즘 1일 1클라우드 하는즁♡

    57. Hofyder

      Kim Taehyung supremacy ^_^

    58. Coco Kim

      Taehyung’s visuals, voice, acting, and perfect image can sell anything

    59. Queen Villalobos

      taehyung you are amazing we love you so much

    60. Duru


    61. dm k

      Congratulations 200k likes

    62. SKY BLUE

      광고보면서 행복하다는 ~~오래오래 해줘요~~~

    63. bts is _genre

      v is insane ♡

    64. good boy tae

      Kim Taehyung 😍💜

    65. Michelle lópez

      Como puede ser tan hermoso😍😍😍😍

    66. Michelle lópez

      Tae sirviendo la cerveza Que la compre dice

    67. Michelle lópez

      Esto es una obra de arte 100%

    68. ji p

      Wanna try that beer

    69. María Luz

      네가 무엇을 어떻게 하든 너는 우리에게 최고야❤️

    70. Sukonbu Suki

      Kim Taehyung when he pour that beer

    71. julieth Patiño

      v는 매우 귀엽다

    72. Mar Pine

      Kim Taehyung Talented and Handsome 💜💚

    73. C Sofera

      wioww taee>>>>

    74. I Purple U

      Conglrations!!! Taehyung won the 1st place in the "100 THE BEST FACE IN THE WORLD 2021.

    75. film out

      태형이는 아무거나 다 잘어울려 태형이 그대로가 좋아

    76. ValeLeil B

      Simplemente hermoso! 💜

    77. M V

      V-sual king

    78. Guess who loves you‧

      WAIT WHO MAD? 😩 Taehyung is masterpiece and just know what you make in a year he makes in an hour‼️ stay in your lane 💕.

    79. angeles paz

      Simplemente perfecto 😍

    80. esme g.t》

      taehyung king visual

    81. Noelia Acosta


    82. Andrea Celeste


    83. Emily Campués

      He's sooooo handsome

    84. jmw07088

      Tae is a perfect brand model thanks to his visual, acting skill and so attractive deep voice that fits into any commercials💜💜💜

    85. dm k

      I can't wait 200k likes

    86. dm k

      I can't wait 3M

    87. good boy tae

      2.6M for this beautiful art !

    88. janka tata


      1. good boy tae

        Or ever more than this due to his popularity.

      2. dm k

        Wow! So big money 💰

    89. Maria lugo

      in love....Lets wait for more

    90. Cristian Ruiz

      WOW His deep voice, its so awesome

    91. Smart 228

      Taehyung is insane handsome 💜😍💕

    92. Елена Кривоногова

      Реклама которую мы заслужили😂❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    93. good boy tae

      Addicted to Kim Taehyung

    94. Prod V

      Never been addictive to ad untill this taehyung ad comes

    95. 그냥 들어 봐말 하지마

      I can't find Kloud beer in the stores here. But if I visit South Korea in future I will surely try. This commercial is great! 💜

      1. 그냥 들어 봐말 하지마

        @Prod V I see you actively supporting Tae, our angel. So happy to meet somebody who loves him dearly. He has a beautiful heart and this is why he deserves the very best. Thank you too for supporting him. Borahae!

      2. Prod V

        @그냥 들어 봐말 하지마 nice to know you, granny 🙇‍♀️💜💜. I'm not Korean also, I'm Egyptian 🇪🇬. Thank you for supporting taehyung, I'm so gratefull🙆‍♀️🙇‍♀️💜

      3. 그냥 들어 봐말 하지마

        @Prod V honey, am not. Lol. I just wanna use Korean words for my nickname. Am a granny from 🇸🇬. 💜

      4. Prod V

        Ohh! So you aren't Korean?! i thought you are😭

    96. L U


    97. dm k

      I miss you 😘

    98. oto n.


    99. YSGABI L

      bts가 광고 한 이후 맥주를 마시면 늘 클라우드~~ 첨엔 광고 하니까 한두번 마셔야지 했다가 이젠 시원한 맛땜에 자꾸 찾게 되는거 같아요. 뷔 말처럼 탄산 제대로 느껴지는! 이제 뷔 얼굴만 보면 맥주가 마시고 싶어지네요 ㅋㅋㅋ

    100. Glachito p

      We Love You Taehyung 🐻🐯🦁