Chuu Making Wives Out Of Sunmi, Chung Ha, Hani, and Yooa on Running Girls


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    CHUU IS MAKING WIVES OUT OF CHUNG HA, SUNMI, HANI from EXID, and YOOA from Oh My Girl on the Mnet show Running Girls (달리는 사이). This is another LOONA crack/compilation video but it features those four artists as well. This was a really wholesome show and I definitely recommend it to all ya'll who are on the fence thinking about whether or not you want to watch the series. Chuu is so cute. There really are adorable chuu moments that brought me back from the dead. This is also Loona (이달의소녀 츄) Chuu being a cute dork. She is such a baby HAHAHAHAHA. I love her so much.

    Anyways, stream Voice, Star, Why Not, pporappippam, flourishing, bon voyage, and all of Loona's other songs. Chung Ha is coming out with a new album (querencia) which is pretty hype. ALSO WTF WAS THAT NEW MOON TEASER YA'LL. WE'RE GETTING ALL TWILIGHT UP IN HERE. ALSO CALL ME CRAZY BUT IM LIKE 95% SURE WE'RE GOING TO GET A HASEUL RETURN IN ORBIT 3.0 YA'LL. HYPEEEEEEEEEE
    Chuu: Peach Text
    Hani: Green Text
    Sunmi: Purple Text
    Yooa: Pink Text
    Chung Ha: Green Text
    I don't own anything. I'm just trying to have fun HAHAHAHA
    Subtitle Creds to @Confusomoo on twitter
    Video Source Creds to @liuspeed on twitter
    Video Idea Creds to Gabba
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    1. Rhian Palaganas


    2. blue velvets

      chuu is a literal harem protagonist. she is just straight up collecting em like pokemon.

    3. blue velvets

      i was smiling throughout the whole video no joke

    4. Dadadadahhh

      If u like this maybe u guys can check her youtube series chuu can do it where she filmed the season 1 last episode with chungha and hani as guess and pick up trash on beach lol haha

    5. Blink4ever

      Chuu: Singing all I want for Christmas ChungHa: *Frantic shaking of the christmas lights intensifies*

    6. PH Jhello

      Look at hani eyes though LOL full of hearts she became gay coz of chuu

    7. twice_YOUTUBE_official

      Chuu has chuumany wife's

    8. Vinay Goswami

      She ain't their wife , she is their daughter

    9. Jendeukie

      uhhmm where i can watch the full video of this episodes?? plsss :

      1. chuu


      2. Jendeukie

        @chuu thank you so much!! i hope you see your bias soon!!

      3. chuu

        try watching it on kisstvshow, kshow123 or ikshow

    10. Fruit Saladd

      Normally I can’t stand cute acts but my jaw aches from smiling so much at this 😭😭

    11. Qi


    12. turtle

      *casually steals chungha's leg*

    13. joy Luv

      Yves gowon kim lip after chuu come home: welcome cheater

    14. yandominchu

      How did the hottest women in kpop ended up like that

    15. Jeimy Neira

      13:15 :))))

    16. makeyoumine

      They all have the most amazing friendship, I love how they all treat chuu like shes their baby. Im glad she has them specifically because of how much they care for her and because of how much she cares for them, a true friendship with her unnies indeed.

    17. sook

      shes so cute it has me reeling

    18. Arter Alasthor

      Hani said she likes cute girls☻

    19. Karmaaaeyoo

      this made me smile in an unhealthy way...

    20. spill that tae

      I don't know a lot about Loona but Chuu is so ADORABLE 😭💖

    21. Tee bad

      This is a beautiful vedio,and the perfect ending with jinsoul😍😍

    22. Tee bad

      I don't know who the other girls are,but I love them already because how nice and polite they were to our precious CHUU,I hope someone can tell me who they are,so I can support them.all I know about kpop is LOONA and DREAMCTCHER.I love them so much

      1. Lei JC

        Sunmi Hani Chungha Yooa

    23. Nox Crescent

      This is just, awesome

    24. A-PEGAZUS

      We need part 3 with videos of chuucandoit and the other youtube channel (Where she ask things in the street)

    25. Merline Sanoj

      how can one be so happy all the tie i love this girl

    26. jindoridori

      i come back here for my daily dose of chuu especially at 12:49 i mean like dude how can you not simp over chuuming

    27. Johnny J2D3

      I watch these once a day at least as therapy 🥺

    28. Yau Octopus

      Thanks for the youtube recommend ☺ time to search out these variety show, cant stop smiling when i watching this

    29. vlad

      hani: how can anything in existence be this cute?

    30. TAN YU HAN

      Where can I watch it

    31. Angel Minguri

      I wanna download it😭

    32. Strawcheriwi Jeon

      Is Kim Jiwoo her real name?

    33. Johnny J2D3

      Every time I watch Chuu my brain goes: “어떻게! 어떻게!” 🥺 she’s the cutest human being ever!

    34. Rubi Borah

      She is a goofy ball

    35. Catbug 850

      god i literally cant stop smiling when she talks the power she holds is incredible plus this cast is just chefs kiss i rlly missed hani and sunmi

    36. Chubby Bunny

      What show is this??? Halp!!??? My heart!!!


      I guess chuu forgot she sang too much high notes and said she has no talent

    38. aerio

      ChuChu couple>

    39. frozenbananas

      There is something about Chuu (and sunny)’s aegyo that makes me not annoyed, still not that impressed but not annoyed either.

    40. Arren Hidalgo

      Isn't she the bully?

      1. 1 1

        If she was a bully then she wouldn't be the new POCARI GIRL!!!!! CHUU WAS JUST CHOSEN TO BE THE POCARI SWEAT BRAND AMBASSADOR OF 2021!!!!1!!!💥💥💥😻😻

      2. love foolish

        omg stopppp PLEASEEE🙏🙏🙏😞😞

      3. Miki

        She isn’t. She was accused, it was literally a trend to accuse idol lmao idk why. There was a girl who accused someone from a boy group, and said that she went to his school and got bullied by him although he went to a all boys school lmao💀 you shouldn’t believe anything rn unless the company confirms it.

      4. Can I just avoid fanwars peacefully?

        Chuu was never a bully in the first place. The "victim" just blew things way out of proportion (If that "memory" really was true in the first place, but I doubt they even had an argument with her) and made her out to be an overall spiteful and rude person when she really isn't. The "victim", aka the accuser, now has a lawsuit for defamation which is filed by Chuu's company(BBC/BlockBerryCreative).

      5. Can I just avoid fanwars peacefully?

        LMAAOOAO???? NO????

    41. Alexis Mazo

      Hani will be the dad and chuu is mommy

    42. ***

      15:01 Hani and Sunmi are wives and Chuu is their daughter.

    43. shasha

      this is so unfair 😭💔

    44. Alina Nadeem

      0_0 ^_^ 0_0 ^_^ Chuu is sooo cute! Like imagine having a little sister like her so Adorable!

    45. Afra Alhameli

      She makes me wanna cry Update: I’m 2 minutes 53 seconds in and sobbing

    46. em

      so fruity, damn ô-ô

    47. Belany Dwi Putri

      Can anyone tell me the name of the song start playing at 15:00?

    48. ONE

      what's chuu's real name?

      1. love foolish

        Kim jiwoo

    49. Hi! I'm BROKE!


    50. Destinys Willy

      Just got kick from the “Finger on the app 2” to win 100,000 after 8 hours of playing. This is the pick me up I needed...

    51. Jennifer joyce

      I love everything about this video. She has my ❤️

    52. Nathy


    53. prisha agarwal

      imagine bein able to sit in a room full of queens and ur a queen ur self

    54. SHELINA


    55. DumFumTum

      This whole vid is GAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!...but i like it🤣🤣🤣

    56. stan izone

      You guys should watch this while eating 20 piece of chicken nuggets it's truly amazing

    57. tubksj

      Me too🙏🏼🙏🏼

    58. Winter Snow

      before watching this vid, i used to think she was that idol who sang that one mildly gay song (heart attack lol), but now i feel like i relate to her a lot. cause in the vid she says i wish i could be like u unnies, and it reminded me of how i used to compare myself to other girls sm that i had to bully myself out of it XD the way this video instantly made me revert back to my original cute and bubbly personality hehe

    59. mila

      The wives: *sees Chuu* If anyone hurts Chuu we will kill everyone in this room then ourselves

    60. Poreema Maiti

      Sunmi is whipped for Chuu, I won't be surprised if all of them are

    61. Aines Banawa

      6:28 "Sure, just take me, take me" Waaaaah that was so freakin cuteeeee


      She's bored with Yves so she maked Wives

    63. Twice and Loona's snatched wig loves Izone&deukae


    64. sana's heaven

      That's why she's my bias 😭

    65. Felvia Gracesanta

      Sunmi is literally mother of all of them

    66. Kalpana Thapa

      3:46 that no was so cute !

    67. Myung Eun Park

      Thank you for asking how am i doing. Really appreciate it

    68. Jimmy Le

      very intimate childs play likey 😋Bad🐶boy can imagine warm, comfort & cuddly indeed bay🐰bear 😏do ya need a extra snuggle pup's 😉hehehehe😅Oh what a feeling You make me Giggle🤭Rolling around in bed 🤪haaaaahhh😝

    69. Someone vibing in youtube

      *if soobin was a girl version and if chuu was a boy version they be each other*

    70. Jazz Kidding

      Chuu is my potato

    71. Gabi R

      Who is she? 0:17

      1. Gabi R

        @Kim Orbit Id thanks

      2. Kim Orbit Id


    72. Sloth on Caffeine

      Chuu has two younger brothers. I wonder how they are. Wouldn't it be funny if they were the total opposites of Chuu? Really calm, stoic and reserved.

    73. Ohyohyo

      14:39 Why YooA and Chuu's head moved in synchrony 😭😭😭

    74. Ohyohyo

      She's just looks like as a little bright cute sun

    75. Abi D

      Chuu is 1000% a main character

    76. peachy

      she is so cute i can't stop smiling 🥺

    77. yoonji need yoongi back home now!

      Chuu so cute😭😭😭 i wanna cry because she so cute like a baby😭💜..

    78. cici

      Chuu Making Wives Out Of Sunmi, Chung Ha, Hani, Me, and Yooa on Running Girls

    79. Yona Lee

      I swear I’ve come back to watch this at least seven times in the past week

    80. Yerlin margarita Ruidiaz ruidiaz

      Es muy tierna 🥰🥰🥰☺

    81. Czar Morte

      My mouth hurts from smiling like a weirdo for 18 mins

    82. Vivi From LOONA??

      I miss them

    83. mia angela

      chuu is really the epitome of sunshine and serotonin

    84. bikkie&choccy

      omg chuu is so sweet,when she asked for an hug i was going to cry 😭💕

    85. Nierviata

      I need chuu in my life😔😔


      Hani's chuu mommy

    87. Eve Hassou

      I never liked aegyo until I saw Chuu be aegyo-incarnate

    88. cleaver

      She is so adorable my heart can’t take this

    89. juzia v

      14:50 what is that Song?

      1. Amy Sisk

        It’s called ‘head and heart’ by Joel Corry.

    90. Hippity hoppity kpop is no abnormity

      Chuu can literally do it

    91. Aicelle Basubas

      my cheeks hurt so much

    92. hanahoe

      sunmi the mom hani the older brother chungha the older sister yooa the tsun twins and chuu the little maknae

    93. Anaya

      Chuu's smile is so contagious help

    94. KI RA

      i don't know chuu but i would die for her

    95. KI RA

      the cmbyn soundtrack in 1:54 hshhshshshhs

    96. jyp did me dirty for views

      when i saw chuu cry bc she said she didn't sing well like the other girls and can't be sexy the way they are on stage, i felt like crying too. I hope she doesn't beat herself up. Not everyone needs to be sexy just because they're old, you gotta go with whatever you do best. If being cute is something you can do really well, why change just because everyone expects you to be different? And if she decides that she wants to have sexier vibes, I think she'll also be just fine. Her lower register is really really nice to listen to, so I know she can pull off that more mature image. seriously though, she's so cute I think I'm falling for her. She makes my lil lesbian heart blush.

    97. zim zim

      Hi. What is this show called? Thanks in advance for answering

      1. Life's Shit Get Used to it

        Running girls :)

    98. Deweyy

      I literally shouted 17 min. Straight because of chuu's cuteness arghhjhh

    99. MymyloveBTS

      I know no one will see my com but if someone know the name of the song Hani put for her alarm at 14:49 I'll loved to know it tks :)

    100. Manok na Pula

      happy pill