Retro Game sound effect (acapella)


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    Music arranged by Maytree
    Video directed by Napkins music
    #donkeykong​ #game​ #humaneffect

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    1. Dimitris Kalandranis

      These are hilarious....

    2. Veeti viherä


    3. yvz1984

      It's fun to listen to you guys . you are very talented and special.

    4. KenToO

      Me that plays Donkey Kong: Ohhhh;) My childhood game

    5. Adnan Shalih

      Ini maksudnya ancaman gitu ya?

    6. Lucifer 97

      INTERSTELLAR please

    7. Yuan Linaban

      Do minecraft LOLZ😅😹

    8. 최동운

      미쳤다 한 번만 볼 수가 없다 ㅋㅋㅋ

    9. iignaaciio

      Cual es el nombre de la aplicación de voz que usan?

    10. Madara Uchiha

      its so cool

    11. Andrew ModelTrains

      That sounds just like it

    12. British Biscuit

      Me and the boys at 3am trying to summon the retro ghost

    13. VariaÐ CS:GO

      Knick knack music Pls

    14. Alena De La Torre

      you guys make these sounds i love them you are so good

    15. Puji Pamungkas

      I'm amazed how they aren't laugh.

    16. Puppy_Smuggler

      I came here for wreck it Ralph but it is also cool

    17. kshhtk


    18. Marco Simple1 International World

      ahahahaha i laugh so much

    19. BlueRony Bro

      Beautiful ladies!

    20. 140DB Design

      This was fantastic! Please do PACMAN!

    21. Grammar Guy


    22. Grammar Guy

      0:15 Yknow ya yoyo yonky yo yinky yoink yeet yknow yoyo ya

    23. colucolu

      Not really sounds like sorry lol 😆

    24. Unusual Number

      Guys. Nobody cares about you simping for the iPad girl.

    25. 憨佶


    26. We Reviewed!

      One Mistake!😡 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... It’s Perfect 🤩

    27. 13 zonozono


      1. sora4


    28. Hugo Manet


    29. Tony 1o1

      00:02 lagu lejen erpan 1140 di mulaii nyimak dong yg indooo

    30. Justice is Served

      Damn, that bass 😙

    31. David Lucos

      I make it as my alarm hahaha

    32. Bo Molvik

      Rock on

    33. FlexFNッ

      0:48 the meow

    34. Firmansyah

      0:19 I like the "dong dong song" from the middle man

    35. Wisco9er

      0:58 the falling sound effect was the best one because, at first, I didn't even realize it because it sounded so natural

    36. Maria Leon


    37. Sunset Flower

      The girl can’t get even tired from holding the ipad

    38. scp secret


    39. Thrivedh Swasthik

      Such a fantastic work guys...❤️ from 🇱🇰

    40. Craig

      Imagine hearing this behind a closed door

    41. Miguel San Juan

      Son bolas de montoneros

    42. Rizal Fitrian

      Guys.. if i may request please do Sunset Riders by Konami

    43. Blueberry Bluetube

      A game music Sound from 16384 bits

    44. InA Song

      sonic ost please :)

    45. Itz dis -_-

      0:00 The spirits have spoken to me.. My favourite part is going up next..DONKEY KONG DONKEY KONG KONG

      1. KenToO

        Same me too

    46. colinsterne albert

      Tong King Kong.... Tong King Kong Kong...... ~~~~

    47. Maria Vamvakari

      0:27 I'm killed!!! 🤣🤣

    48. Kiran Vaishnav

      Please do pubg mobile

    49. Ricardo Catherine


    50. Raveendran N

      டேய் எங்கிருந்து டா வறீங்க நீங்க எல்லாம் .

    51. Thanh nienvn33


    52. Antonio P

      Bravissimi! Come fate a rimanere seri? Fantastico!

    53. Wen Zhang

      Street fighter, do it please.

    54. Eduard Zaydman

      Human Instrument

    55. RIchar Choque Poma

      quiera que canten una canción de geoxor Saludos desde bolivia

    56. actor UBUNTU

      아니 이거 썸네일 보고 들어왔는데 노래가 너무 웅장하길래 봤더니 제 2의나라 광고ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 포지션까지 똑같아서 바로 속았넼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    57. Louise rain Laurora

      Donkey kong is where mario started

    58. Saud Alsalem

      0:53 it’s really awsome

    59. 철스 cheols

      *_왜 이런 영상에 한글 댓이 안보이냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 멋집니다!! 감동!! ㅠㅠㅎㅎㅎ_*

    60. curewindy3

      0:19 自分の知ってるドンキーと音が違う もの悲しげな オルゴールの音だったはず

    61. Abdul Mohaimen Chowdhury

      What the fuck is this???

    62. Polvince Salisi

      Make a bloopers compilation

    63. cain lawlor

      I like the way that they say DonkeyKong.

    64. Daniel Hakim

      Pokemon next?

    65. Sammuel Junior


    66. pony winter

      i think Koreans are so talented

    67. NA_Iromaki!

      0:27 that girl on the right *casually has a seizure*

    68. WileyCoyote69


    69. ii SxmplyDxnika ii

      This is by far my favorite video they ever made

    70. singing4hope

      Besides this being really good, how were they able to keep a straight face in the funny parts lol

    71. Sage Akporherhe


    72. Shashank Doharey


    73. Hawk Feather

      This is amazing! It sounds just like Donkey kong

    74. Briggn94

      This is brilliant aha!

    75. Vasilije Antic

      Pls do all huawei sounds


      0:14 that guy is torturing his throat and oyoyooyoyoyoyooyoooooooooo

    77. Silenced Motherfvcker

      To the girl who hold a ipad, why you so cute?

    78. KingDong McLong


    79. The Official Channel

      Shes getting tired of holding the Ipad

    80. Gabriel Chavez


    81. Shabnum Rahimun

      Do one for Super mario please😭

    82. Dj Mebz

      Do Mobile Legends Sound and Pubg Sound👍

    83. Neném Engraçada

      All startups Xbox please

    84. Henry stickmin

      Them saying donkey Kong Me sees a big gorilla running to me

    85. willson eo

      와우 대박이에요. 목소리 너무 좋아요. 진심 자주 보고 싶어요~

    86. ExpEa

      Jadi Inget sound effect erpan pas dulu;)

    87. 8linkgamer

      Keow is the best part for me that's makes me laugh 0:45

    88. Mr. Random

      Next Mario super smash 2 please

    89. Firmansyah

      0:35 killed me

      1. Mellowiana


      2. Saat S


    90. Vicente Vidal torres

      Miren como ordenan de lA persona más atractiva a la menos atractiva y no es por el tema del sonido

    91. David Cartagena

      0:35 LMAO😂😂😂

      1. Saat S


    92. David Cartagena


    93. Pony Lin

      mortal kombat mortal kombat mortal kombat mortal kombat mortal kombat mortal kombat mortal kombat mortal kombat mortal kombat mortal kombat mortal kombat mortal kombat mortal kombat mortal kombat mortal kombat mortal kombat mortal kombat mortal kombat PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

    94. Marcelo Fernandez

      Excelent! please make wonder boy!

    95. ramanantoanina andriamahenina

      kiaaaao :D :D

    96. Joaquín Mercado

      0:19: Epic