KINGDOM(킹덤) 'Excalibur' MV

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    KINGDOM(킹덤) 'Excalibur' MV

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    1. Ariana Gutierrez

      Ya 2 meses desde que estos niños hermosos debutaron con este TEMAZO

    2. Nicol Roman Sanchez

      Soy Tadai y me da coraje que esto siendo tan hermoso no tenga tantas vistas como se merece así que vine a ayudar >:3

    3. parisa miry

      چه خفن^_^

      1. k .y

        اره واقعا😍

    4. Dennis yeray


    5. Dennis yeray


    6. Dennis yeray


    7. Dennis yeray


    8. Dennis yeray


    9. Ria 000

      Estos chicos solo respiran y yo ya estoy en modo, a sus ordenes mis reyes


      I'm here because of Yunho (ex-Varsity) now re-debut with the stage name "Arthur", he's my bias, btw their debut song is very cool, this make me stan them even more 😍😍😍✨

    11. dashdulam D

      This is so cool. Keep going!!!

    12. Nadia Martinez Muñoz

      wow me gusto mucho su concepto

    13. B L A N K_

      Honestly This one of the best mv's ever Hope they get attention soon

    14. 노민서

      노래 너무좋네요!

    15. Rachael Angel

      Kingdom is carrying the whole company on their shoulders being the only group and they are doing amazing

    16. Mar Paz

      Stan kingdom


        Stan kingdom for clear skin ✨

      2. LilacKitty Cat


    17. #chitta!!


      1. LilacKitty Cat


    18. İkra irioglu

      Mujin yüzüklerimizin ayni olmasını ister misin

    19. İkra irioglu

      They have a very different style

    20. Ria 000

      Merecen mas reconocimiento, son increíbles

    21. Dennis yeray


    22. Dennis yeray


    23. Dennis yeray


    24. Dennis yeray


    25. thay namorada do sugawara


    26. pinkiepiekid :P

      This concept is so freaking cool.

    27. hello bobba

      This group looks like they got haechan, jooheon, gdragon, mingi and younghoon in a group which seems really weird but nice at the same time. I juat got these vibes from some of members.

      1. LilacKitty Cat

        which one do you think is like haechan? I am just wondering because haechan is one of my biases in nct lol...

    28. RufusonPluto

      Hello fellow Kingmakers! Let's stream this mv and make it to 2m and more before their comeback. 🙏

    29. Agiks F.

      People who don't check out this song are really missing out!

    30. haleisms

      Bro they're so iconic already

      1. LilacKitty Cat

        Tell me about it, like there is no way this is a debut!!

    31. Dennis yeray


    32. Dennis yeray


    33. Dennis yeray


    34. Dennis yeray


    35. Dennis yeray


    36. Reski Amalia

      Fithing KINGDOM we are love you, this MV is very cool like movie, i really really like this. I hope you can be the biggest boygrup ever

    37. yxxndere !!

      oh wow this is like the most unique group i’ve every seen....time to stan, it’s hard to believe that they just debuted too

    38. Jiniret Skz

      El concepto del v1deo es de los mejores que eh visto, el grupo 100000/10

    39. Ria 000

      Los reyes de mi corazón

    40. 케이팝

      LOVE you🥺😭♥️.!

    41. the one without name


    42. jime_la_kpoper

      Este grupo merece más reconocimiento

    43. han loves seonghwa uwu

      I really think we should change the fandom name to peasants or subjects ,,, whedjfhj 😭😭

    44. AR

      Happy birthday Arthur ❤❤

    45. Tuula Salmikivi

      They must wait, a bit. .

    46. Sunmi

      Very interesting and unique concept.also they are so lovely.🇮🇷💛🇮🇷💛🇮🇷💛

    47. Fabiola Rodriguez


      1. ahmed reem


    48. Nickkkj Lol


    49. Dennis yeray


    50. Sunny Knight

      I'm new to Kingdom. Who is the one with the blue hair and tear drop?

      1. LilacKitty Cat

        @Sunny Knight Its fine!! Let me know if you want to know anyone else, just give me the time stamp and I can tell you who it is!

      2. Sunny Knight

        @LilacKitty Cat Thank you! I've seen people say the names, but I don't know which name goes with who. :(

      3. LilacKitty Cat

        That is Dann, the leader and oldest, lemme know if you wanna know more!

    51. Jhosy Winter

      kingdom se está convirtiendo en uno de los grupos famosos

    52. Cynthia D

      Man, I'm not expecting the ending... will it be another MV? Pt. 2 maybe?

      1. RufusonPluto

        @AMFate okay thanks for letting me know :)

      2. AMFate

        @RufusonPluto It's Chiwoo ^^ We kind of guessed it was, but the mv behind confirmed it

      3. RufusonPluto

        It would be the next focus. I think it's Chiwoo but idk everybody says it's Mujin.

    53. Fany Tastic

      really a masterpiece matched with their voices wow

    54. Prince Villagracia

      Epic twerking

    55. Ari TADAI

      Soy Tadai pero ahora decido stanear a Kingdom, desde hoy, no quiero que fracasen tienen una gran idea y la música es buenisima, acojanme en su fandom porfavor❤️🔥

      1. Dennis yeray

        Yo también

    56. Qil Zh

      Epic debut!

    57. sujata chavan

      Most Iconic debut after Exo's MAMA in 2012...

    58. Levi da Ana Ana


    59. Ziaco

      Aa 6 olmuş


      Dershaneye gitmeden önce izleyelim dedim :)

    61. Priska Dilla

      Dear kingdom, you have done your best, guys. King maker will always support you. Kingdom, fighting

    62. Autumn

      This is unlike anything I’ve seen before and I’m liking it.

    63. Jake Fields

      Can we have a drama of this groups story please played by the members of course xD

      1. RufusonPluto

        I agree!

    64. salma wu

      The best debut ever 🥺💕💕 every detail got me going crazy 😍😍

      1. salma wu

        @Dennis yeray ??

      2. Dennis yeray

        No 3m0j1s

    65. s̷t̷a̷r̷ b̷t̷s̷

      عااااا مززز صوتهم تعقيم مي بايس دانّ ولكراش 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    66. Mel Ari

      I've never liked a debut this much in a long time. If Kingmaker is the fandom, what's Kingme? I've seen one of them use it in a Twitter post. Cassie-Orbit-Insomnia here. Might as well call myself a Kingmaker as well 💯

      1. Mel Ari

        @AMFate Ohhh thanks

      2. AMFate

        Kingme is the abbreviation for Kingmaker~

      3. Mel Ari

        @LilacKitty Cat Thank you!!

      4. LilacKitty Cat

        @Mel Ari Thank you, I love some of tvxqs music and a lot of dreamcathers music I just didnt know there fandom name T-T. You have really good taste lol

      5. Mel Ari

        @LilacKitty Cat Cassiopeia is TVXQ, and Insomnia is Dreamcatcher

    67. Daydreamer


      1. LilacKitty Cat

        yes! 1.6M complete!

    68. Jadeli Ghadeli

      I think its a bit too excalibur:)

    69. Yvette Alvarez

      Oooo I like it

    70. LilacKitty Cat

      I cant wait to see them on amas and mamas at the end of the year, they are going to do so good!

    71. ⟭⟬Kim_SOJIN⟭⟬àŕmý⟭⟬

      After BTS, if anyone will create a history, it is KINGDOM ♡. Wish you all the best boys .

      1. Dennis yeray

        No 3m0j1s

      2. LilacKitty Cat

        I agree! they will make history, we just have to work hard and have patience for our kings!

    72. Fya_07

      파이팅 오빠들!♡

    73. Karyna Luyza


    74. Kpop Brasil // Fã de Exo

      Por que essa música não tem mais vi3wes? Eu vou estancá-los. Deixe-me pesquisar sobre eles.

    75. Cassandra Ebu

      Just stumbled upon this while watching the show Kingdom, and woaham I glad I did

      1. LilacKitty Cat

        Lol, a blessing in disguise, welcome to the fandom!

    76. ANG3L SWAN


    77. trinidad martinez gonzalez

      나는 그 노래를 좋아해, 나는 당신이 아주 잘하기를 바랍니다 🍀😊😊

      1. Dennis yeray

        No 3m0j1s

    78. Sana Asiya

      This was a one of a kind debut~

      1. Sana Asiya

        @LilacKitty Cat Yes!!

      2. LilacKitty Cat

        And a one of a kind beginning to their amazing future~

    79. Nyter87

      So... im a generic BlackPink fan and not from that long ago... but as I am in bed, browsing through kpop music to see what tickles my sense... THIS FCKN ROCKED ME... I am like shuddering from how impactful this was. I am like ready to just drown in deep kpop glory. Kingdom is IT!

    80. Yadhira Huatuco

      Simple ARTE

    81. Dennis yeray

      Hola mis niños

    82. Rainha de Marte

      Amei esse RPG tá lindo kkkk 💖💖

      1. Dennis yeray

        No 3m0j1s

    83. Kookie

      Jahan’ın fotoları çok az şirket basılmak ister misin?

    84. Kookie

      Şu an aslında sadece dizi izlemek istiyom ama kascaz

    85. Kookie

      Hayır şarkı çıksın da niye ard arda geliyolar

    86. Kookie

      Mv mv mv mv her yerden mv fışkırmaya başladı yeter la hangi biriyle uğraşam

    87. Ilse Davila

      Va a hacer un exitaso este grupo.

    88. Rimjhim Dey

      I just got to know them. They look cool. The song was actually different and really good. I would love to stan them. Can anyone please tell me a bit about them? I'm an Atiny btw. 😅 Do they have any fandom name?

      1. Rimjhim Dey

        @LilacKitty Cat Thank you 😊

      2. LilacKitty Cat

        lol, welcome to the fandom, fellow atiny (and soon to be kingmaker)

      3. Rimjhim Dey

        @DFTBA 1117 Thank you 🥰

      4. Rimjhim Dey

        @AMFate Thank you so much 🥰

      5. AMFate

        Sorry if it's a lot lol I copy-pasted an info dump I've done before for a reaction~

    89. Tere Guzman

      This is something new and unique 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

      1. Tere Guzman

        @Dennis yeray wdym?

      2. Dennis yeray

        No 3m0j1s

    90. Karyna Luyza


    91. Karyna Luyza


    92. Karyna Luyza

      I hope that KINGDOM will grow a lot. Talent for that they have plenty of.

    93. Karyna Luyza

      5K more

    94. Karyna Luyza

      Falta pouco para 1.6M aaaaaa

    95. Karyna Luyza


    96. Fya_07

      Gatau mau komen apa

    97. Kookie

      Genç yaşında kendini yaşlı olarak görmek

    98. BTSARMY4EVER PurpleU

      How many international Kingmakers are here? I'm a kingmaker too😊