Movie Intro Medley 2 (Acapella)


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    Music arranged by Maytree
    Video directed by Napkinsmusic
    #movie​intro #humaneffect #maytree

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      THX was perfect

    2. Keep Smiling

      Me at 4:14 am

    3. David Niedermann

      How get a deep voice like the bassman? 😃

    4. 카이토 다이키

      0:56 왠 코고는 소리갘ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    5. 陳威


    6. AyoItsHighDefinition

      THX made me flinch everytime when we would watch a movie at night back in the mid 2010’s.

    7. Arda Coskun

      0:29 hooo

    8. Segundo Rodriguez cespedes

      Muy tarde lo ponen el sonido está adelantado parece playback

    9. Nazrin Shah

      Astro shaw

    10. Christopher Mores

      0:59 it's more like a pig sound

    11. 야구공은 맛있어

      0:25 응깃! 응깃! 응기잇!

    12. VariaÐ CS:GO

      Knick knack music from Pixar Pls

    13. Andrea Yeoh

      Hot damn... this is the first time i heard a singing group and was very impressed (the starting part), then I laughed as it sounds so cute but real! (Pixar and the lion's roar or snore?) and I was totally in awe for the THX part. Now that is what I call a total packaged entertainment value!

    14. Laura Grabowski

      The THX was brilliant!!!

    15. Alena De La Torre

      YOU ARE AWSOME oh my gosh

    16. Agnieszka Jabłońska


    17. MacTopher

      I wish they had let the THX have the full reverb ringout. It cuts about 3 seconds too soon

    18. Maximo Jose Gomez (STG)

      We need yakko’s world

    19. 주니tv

      왜한국어없음?다 한국분이신데 (not Korean? Korea)

    20. StretchKilla 888

      That Bass Player was sick!!!

    21. Maxi GaMer

      el señor suena como un cerdo sin onfender 0:56

    22. Shyla P

      You guys are amazing

    23. TH3 X-ZAGON

      I love this, can u guys do the marvel studios intro? 😁

    24. Mellowiana

      0℅ Singing 100℅ Kangkangknag, pampampam,tingtingting,Pongpongpong 👀

    25. ᄏᄏᄏ김꿀맛

      메이트리가 이렇게 성장했네요 마지막으로 본게 구독자가 몇 만명 이었는데ㅎㅎ 옛날에 수요일마다 생방한 것두 생각나구요

    26. René Ortiz López

      0:55 me sleeping lmao

    27. matias de negri

      thx mi favorite

    28. gabrigames02

      Okay, i found the autor of THX IPRESSIVE

    29. Inchang Lee

      0:56 사자가 코를먹고 코를고넼ㅋㅋ

    30. Mikael Nilsson

      Both the Paramount 0:03 and the 1:10 Sony bass note is accually lower than the THX at 1:28

    31. Sergiu Anfield

      THX sound reminded me of need for speed underground .. ha ... some sounds are imprinted in ur brain

    32. Blossom YT

      Oh Noooooooo not the THX intro.......

    33. kapila Seth

      0:18 real talent of them shows from here..

    34. HunterofEvil

      '''TXT' lo ultimo de lo ultimo xd

    35. Pedro Vieira

      THX me pegou com a guarda baixa

    36. CodingMutant

      the last one, i thought they wont get it but wow

    37. Dark Knight

      It's very cool!

    38. Cristian Meixner

      Nose pero ningun brillo

    39. Yajaira Santana


    40. freya patel


    41. rey palomo 897

      Se nota que ven muchas películas

    42. iJiiqz

      It make no sens you'r so strong it's just amazing

    43. TIGERBLOOD87

      you guys should do microsoft windows longhorn sounds...

    44. René G

      Phew, when you nail THX like this.......the highs and lows timing....goosebumps!

    45. Мартин Петров

      Next stop is SONY PlayStation 1 and 2.

    46. MR. HOBBIE - Brawl Stars

      My favorite part is when they say: pam pam pam pam pam pam pam

    47. 다리우스도끼자국

      마지막엔 쇼박스든 CJ든 나올줄 알았다구

    48. DashHopes

      1:21 sounds like a subliminal message in backwards songs

      1. Mellowiana


    49. Пионеры Футбола

      Metro Golden the Lion 🤭

    50. 조우진

      THX 찢었다....

    51. Avaya

      1:15, That bass is crazy!

    52. PanDorA

      Their strength to not laugh is impressive.

    53. Sir Padfoot

      dreamworks made me feel nostalgic on how to train your dragon

    54. sayuri kofuji

      grupo os coronga hing bing kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    55. Indominus Bencherif


    56. Yber Imbernón

      Woooohh!!! AMAZING!!! Hahaha love THX

    57. blueboarrry

      the subtitles a 0:18

    58. 문형철


    59. Joshua

      that pixar one tho'

    60. 恩佐enzo


    61. Flat Cookie

      THX really gave me the chills omg...

    62. Juan Manuel Moreno

      The MGM one sounds like my dad’s sleep apnea

    63. Miguel Montejo

      dios mio q talento

    64. Lucas Augusto

      play Globo Filmes' jingle too, please

    65. 동돌이

      사자소리는 좀...

    66. C.phenomenon

      last one ,,,crazy......

    67. GAME OF TOY

      i love the girl standing right side my beloved sound

    68. Pattaya U

      THX is the best hahahahah

    69. Serega

      Орнул от души😺0:55

    70. Daniela Torres Coopeland

      el león suena como un cerdo sin ofender

    71. Nishipal

      0:56 it is like snoring sound 😅😴

    72. ChiLing saysHi

      I like how I don't even understand why people keep talking about "THX"

    73. Shahir Mohammad INT.SHAHIR

      Sometimes I have feelings that these guys are fake!

    74. mr_panda s

      YA DIDN'T DO MARVEL! but you did great

    75. Diezka_Violin

      This is very awesome! 💙✨

    76. Just Wan

      Dude the THX!

    77. Indian Gaming Champion

      Yay the tablet is here

    78. bestesschnitzel

      habt ihr schonmal star wars gesehen ihr dullis so hört sich doch kein lucasfilm intro an jallah

    79. Christopher Friend

      omg that THX sound.....Nailed it.

    80. Chevonn Bonitto

      They are so creative!

    81. Innocent Simelane

      Wow guys u deserve the world's got talent show

    82. Clypy

      The lion sound is the sickest above all! fight me ears!

    83. wan wan

      0:50 she sounds so angelic 😍

    84. ophtimal

      0:33 the dreamworks one gave me goosebumps

    85. happy 찌릿 찌릿

      아니 얼굴이 진지한데 왜 웃기지? 나만 그럼?ㅋㅋㅋ

    86. ok ok

      0:56 are you thinking what im thinking?

    87. Seryco

      OMG amazing THX!

    88. Mauricio Caiaque Amarelo

      You are absolutely incredible, I am a fan from Brazil

    89. D VS

      1:17 THX theme is the intro to song: Kevin Braheny's Starflight1

    90. Wicho


    91. Filipino Film Maker

      Holy shit!!! The THX one is AMAZING!!! Bwahaha!!!!

    92. Master Đậu

      Doraemon đi bro

    93. Tuti Alwiyah

      Dolby opening, please

    94. Rafael Escobar


    95. Chronos Ares

      Este es el único Acapela donde no les ha quedado del todo bien todos

    96. 김민혁

      슈박스 기대했는데..ㅠㅠ

    97. SnowMan SK

      No Marvel Studio??

    98. Lara Zanini

      up to this day i still don’t understand why the thx intro has to be that creepy

      1. ophtimal

        Exactly like what is it trying to prove?

    99. Nk 11Gamer

      Where is 20the century fox

    100. Nuri bora's Vlogs