강다니엘(KANGDANIEL) - 깨워 (Who U Are) M/V

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    강다니엘(KANGDANIEL) - 깨워 (Who U Are) M/V
    #강다니엘 #KANGDANIEL #MAGENTA #깨워
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    Artist Instagram : daniel.k.here
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    1. stream kang daniel antidote


    2. Ben Bin

      Boy I know exactly who u are

    3. Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart

      KANG i dont have any bad songs DANIEL!

    4. Agustina Villanueva

      Jajaja jajaja 💗

    5. Вера Матросова

      Я просто танцами занимаюсь он клас

    6. Вера Матросова

      Молодец !

    7. OtakuOppa

      his music is different from kpop scene ... it's totally sick... woahhhh

    8. Shohaibur Rahman SALMAN

      One Man Army = KangDaniel

    9. CL Magma

      This masterpiece song deseves 1billion views😍

    10. Emy Midzy

      str34m 30M!

    11. IKUN.萝卜粥


    12. Mito Dria

      buti pa dito may pa pandesal si kangD oppa

    13. Diana Styles

      um holy fuck

    14. Dian Cempaka


    15. nct_tαєчσng

      Very goodd♥︎ song Very good song Very good singer Very good dancer Very good vocalist Very good visual *THE BEST BOY KANG DANİEL*

    16. Shareh Wan Syaripah

      The instruments just amazing

    17. fallingxflowers

      Here after listening to Paranoia, both are bops 👏

    18. rizana td


    19. tavuklaraslındauçar


      1. Esma


    20. Esma

      Nasıl her şarkın böyle güzel yaaa

    21. bts army

      My best song

    22. RN _ editz

      The only bad thing about the song is- that it ends- HA u Though! 😏🔥😉

    23. saloni sharma

      Can anyone tell who's the tall guy among back dancers?

      1. saloni sharma

        @Zuu eii do u know his Insta id?

      2. Zuu eii

        His name is Vata

    24. RN _ editz

      Paranoia,ANRIDOTE, and this- yh no I am definatley having a Kang fever

    25. sedameansstrong

      This song is DOPE

    26. Efache.O

      I'm here after watching Antidote and Paranoia, and can I just say that i've already fallen for this Man! No Cap!

    27. Valeria Gamboa

      I'm crazy for this song, i love the coreography, the song, all...now I have to learn this amazing coreography\^o^/ #KANGDANIEL is so talented, I love you!!!UwU

    28. Rishika Nagpal

      I've been a fan since paranoia. He's the perfect singer, rapper, dancer, songwriter. In short, he's a perfect artist. My mind is blown after watching the antidote mv. He always exceeds all expectations. I wanna know more about him & his music. What is his fandom called?

      1. stream kang daniel antidote

        welcome! it's DANITY

      2. aspaciae

        It's called Danity. Welcome to Danity World!!^^

    29. NonTa Chele

      I love this song

    30. 이야옹

      나 이뮤비 수십번을 봤는데도 좋음 강다니엘 개멋지고 어쩜 뮤비마다 강다니엘은 다 다른 사람같단 느낌이 드는지 ㅉㄹㄷㅉㄹㄷ

    31. TIME PASS

      So nice

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      22.339.159 Tertanggal 14 April 2021, Pukul 08.40 WIB

    33. tiabsi baru20


    34. tiabsi baru20


    35. tiabsi baru20


    36. angela conopoy

      lo amoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo te amoooo hermoso

    37. k.d something_

      파라노이아 보고 안티도트보고 여기로...새벽 4시 30분인데 잠못잠ㅠ 안티도트뮤비 대박!!! 항상 좋은곡으로 와줘서 고마워 강다니엘♡

    38. procrus tes

      오늘은 안티도트가 나왔는데 잠을 이룰수가 없어 넘 벅차고 행복해서 뮤비돌고 있어 사랑해 강다니엘

    39. Azie Romzi

      Kang daniel!!

    40. Niellie

      Kang daniel is improving i can see that bops after bops

    41. Niellie

      I swear this is insaneeeee

    42. Niellie

      That you just wanna walk you dont wanna talk part 🔥🔥

    43. Niellie


    44. uni b


    45. 강선우


    46. #Apink_PERCENT PandaID


    47. Hallyma DNL _Hallyma


    48. saamy ammi

      Kang daniel always hase the best songs no song is bad

    49. Ai duck

      Lots of Love and Support for Kang Daniel the King of Soloists!!!!

    50. Ai duck

      Never get tiring of listening to Kang Daniel!!! Just go from one song to the next and repeat!!

    51. Ai duck

      Now counting the hours and minutes til Antidote!!!!

    52. Hannah Zainal

      Yellow is coming

    53. Miki Smith

      Kang Daniel, actually, has no bad song😇

    54. Hanna Mae Bartolome

      His comeback tomorrow april 13th with yellow album and Antidote title track!

    55. Srishti Bhardwaj

      ... The Latin vibes,music,his voice, choreography everything is just *chefs kiss* !! *This deserves more*

    56. DePotato Tomato

      Who U Are!

    57. Nehir Boyraz

      I find Kang Daniel in an add, I click it, and I am trying to be his fan since I first watched him

    58. Jimins Tea

      Kang Daniel deserves to be fucking loved and praised wtf, his songs are insanely good

    59. Kim M.s R.k

      El papucho

    60. uni b


    61. ꨄ

      Her şarkısı ayrı güzel çıldırcam

    62. pembegül çiğdem

      💕💕💕muhteşemmm 💕💕💕

    63. ele

      la verdad que es temazo para mover el culo en el club

    64. SaiChandana Yarra

      This song is just perfect and music is killing 😍😍who are this legendary song in 2021 because of addicted to music and his voice

    65. Uni 1


    66. 아기천사코룽

      아니 노래나올때 마다 업그레이드야! 이번 Yellow! 완전 기대기대되! 💛

    67. nurnatasya srisah budin

      Kang daniel❤❤

    68. Candela Barrado

      ¡Con está canción conocí a Daniel y me enamoró!

    69. Uri Niel

      The way you move that thang around uh uh

    70. Uri Niel

      Oh baby dont wait🎶🎶🎵

    71. Uri Niel

      We gonna see another abs in antidote right?

    72. Prima Zaza

      Kang Daniel comeback with YELLOW mini album and ANTIDOTE title track on April 13th !

    73. Sakshi Malusare

      You are so amazing Kang Daniel

    74. FreddieMRi

      This song makes me wanna go out 😎 and next week we are having lockdown again. But still reminds me of good times and how I ended up pregnant in the first place 😂😂😂😂 ah sweet 20s. And yeah I read eng lyrics for the first time today but I am singing it for few months 😂 Good job Daniel

    75. k.d something_

      멋있어 다니엘♡ 먼노래가 질리지도않구 좋냐@.@ 오늘도 강다니엘만~~💛💛💛

    76. Brunah Marie

      Waiting anxious to his comeback Let's 30M and more in Paranoia

    77. Soraya Ulloa

      Eres la persona mas importante en mi vida kang daniel @s no tengo alas para ir al cielo pero tengo palabras para decirte te quiero 😍😍😍😍😍

    78. Uri Niel

      You just wanna talk you dont wanna walk still hit hard

    79. Femby Gita

      Levitate levitate levitate yea

    80. Marriza Lourdes Official

      Me gusta tu ex

    81. Marriza Lourdes Official

      Me gusta tu ex

    82. Marriza Lourdes Official

      Me gusta tu ex

    83. Marriza Lourdes Official

      Me gusta tu ex

    84. Marriza Lourdes Official

      Me gusta tu ex

    85. Marriza Lourdes Official

      Me gusta tu ex

    86. 이야옹

      아니..또 봐도 내가 춘것처럼 숨차ㅋ볼때마다 다니엘 너무 멋지다!


      You are my boy type ♡ I love this man ! I support u

    88. IKUN.萝卜粥

    89. putri azura

      8 months ago and i still want you :'

    90. KimZin Taefa

      it’s my Daily routine for this song to come here..

    91. Alexa Ramos

      I heard about him a few days ago, he's such a talented person. I can see how much he works to show such an amazing performance. I wished I had known before about him, but now I'm definitely going to support him

    92. Maro Ha

      You are amazing ❤️

    93. Official Ductozaki


    94. 김Danity


      1. Armyim, deliyim, antileri ezerim!

        Bnm %7 hadi bb knk

      1. Armyim, deliyim, antileri ezerim!

        Sen tam bir idol avcısısın✌👌

    95. Crispi F

      KOround led me here and i am now a fan after listening to Paranoia and this. My goodness this dude~

    96. Estella

      I wish there were more supporters though

    97. J A

      1:38 so cute