Sugar (Sugar)

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    Sugar (Sugar) · KIM WOO SEOK
    ℗ 2021 TOP MEDIA,under license to Kakao M Corp.
    Released on: 2021-02-08
    Author: 김우석
    Author: Vendors (Kevin Leinster jr.)
    Author: danke
    Author: 서지음
    Author: 황유빈
    Composer: 김우석
    Composer: Vendors (Kevin Leinster jr.)
    Composer: Vendors (Fascinador)
    Composer: Vendors (PRNCE)
    Composer: Vendors (ZENUR)
    Arranger: Vendors (Fascinador)
    Arranger: Vendors (PRNCE)
    Arranger: Vendors (ZENUR)
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    1. kayla loves shotaro

      SO GOOOD

    2. the singing garden fairy

      I accidentally clicked on this from listening to mayonaka no door, THIS IS THE GREATEST ACCIDENT CLICK NOW I LOVE THIS SONG

    3. Adriana Pereira


    4. Zlatina Petrova

      Ready, tasty, yum, yum

    5. Juan David Escorcia