Marvel Studios Celebrates The Movies

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    The world may change and evolve, but the one thing that will never change: we’re all part of one big family.
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    1. Life is tech

      I think that without iron man, caption America, black widow and father of mcu (STEN LEE) mcu is incomplete

    2. enzmondo

      Marvel Studios and Disney have so much money and time they're able to make 4 films and a bunch of Disney+ series a year

    3. Koolminer1243

      In the end there was the fantastic 4 logo, you guys think…

    4. Favoural monster

      But where is bruse banner Hulk

    5. PlaysForLife OVB

      I can’t wait to see all the incoming movies😩😍

    6. 19BCS126 Palanirajan. E


    7. Tanush Reddy

      “We’re all part of one big family” 😥😥😥

    8. WALLY

      A moment of silence for those people who disliked this video

    9. jahimotion Studios

      No one can replace chad I'm watching BP2 I don't care if there not recasting him I'm watching they can pull it off (but the fans just don't know it yet)

    10. chloe chen

      Marvel studio is the best of the best

    11. Uriel Allanfer Rafael

      Can this comment give a like and reply Thank You and We love you Marvel!!!


      Thor Love and Thunder Fans like here 👇


      Marvel fans like here ❤ 👇

    14. Anime 1o1

      2:30 we are the ones who changed everything love it

    15. Science class

      I am so happy fir Scarlett Johansson. She finally got a chance to do a solo movie. I love black widow. I will definitely watch it on 9th of July🤩😍

    16. YVONNE TEO

      I can't wait for Spiderman no way home

    17. Jeff Fred stella alex

      They would have seen the best reaction if they came to an Indian theatre.

    18. Talat Jafri

      Marvel has an Phd of giving other people goosebumps...

    19. Abir Poddar

      I think DC fans came here for dislike the video😂

    20. Elffi Delfi

      I nearly cried watching this

    21. Demon98P


    22. Emily An

      my childhood to adulthood journey in one video

    23. Aatman Vlogs


    24. Genesis

      How about Morbius Movie is that connected? because Michael Keaton was there.

    25. Lakshya Sharma

      Marvel never fails to excite us

    26. GothicBump

      Marvel outdid themselves with this trailer

      1. Emily An

        💪😎Marvel studios❤️ 📽️🖼️movies is 💥best in the world🌍✨ 🙏Thanks for sir. Stan lee ❤️ Kevin feige and all marve studios tem ❤️✨🙏

    27. Sarthak Kabra

      Very much existed for the upcoming marvels movies

    28. KronoManiac2814

      I feel like saying this was a masterpiece would be a HUGE understatement

    29. Rajat Sreekumar


    30. Vijay Krishna

      3:00 ... How many of you feel it's a direct hit to WB and DCEU to get out of Marvel way to entertain the audience

    31. Muhammad Fiqhri

      I would love Stan Lee cameoed in Wandavision n Falcon tv shows alongside other shows but 😭😭

    32. Holy Doggo

      We are gonna get an fantastic 4 film oh mygos

    33. 칸시

      미국은 영화관에서 관람할때 리액션도 크구나 ㅋㄹ

    34. Cornell Muldrow

      Welcome to the new era of Marvel

    35. Kawthar Alfetlawi

      I love how after the peoples reaction you can still faintly hear their yells of excitement even when the Avengers were assembled 🙌🏻 We are in this fight together 👏🏻👏🏻

    36. Tuan Phat Nguyen

      Nobody: Marvel: new films =) 560k likes WB: josstice league reup =) 124k dislikes

    37. Emiliano Gonzalez

      QUE BUEN VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    38. vishal jaiswal

      2:30 ibu hatela 😅

    39. Comicbook nerd

      Stan "The Man" Lee, is da best!!!!

    40. Mahavir Thorat

      💪😎Marvel studios❤️ 📽️🖼️movies is 💥best in the world🌍✨ 🙏Thanks for sir. Stan lee ❤️ Kevin feige and all marve studios tem ❤️✨🙏

    41. MidnightCereal

      I need the theme music name!!!

    42. ennis low


    43. V7

      Never been this excited for FUTURE!!

    44. Indies Universe

      Ab aayega na majha bidu😆😆😆😆

    45. Habibi

      Who can’t lie, Spiders man’s your favorite?

    46. JASVINTHAN_2003

      2:22 BUCKY???

    47. Marvelfanboy _12

      I’m so hyped

    48. Richi Rich

      Love from india

    49. Compa Kevin

      I'm crying

    50. Siddharth

      Most powerful personality in mcu is STAN LEE

    51. Screen Apple

      Female Spider-woman named Cindy Moon.

    52. Lahiru Sandaruwan


    53. John Mark Lomoljo

      I can’t stop the excitement!!!! 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴

    54. Dead_line_dork 012

      Any malyali here👍

    55. af

      Oh yea this was cool , BUT CAN WE PLS HAVE THE X-MEN IN MCU NOWWWW????? IM DYINGGGG.

      1. Alberto Rojas

        MARVEL Studios most likely will introduce the X-Men in the MARVEL Cinematic Universe: Phase Five.

    56. Aryan Verma

      They teased fantastic four at the end but didn't tell it's release date🙄

      1. Alberto Rojas

        MARVEL Studios has reserved October 7, 2022, and July 28, & November 3, '23 for MARVEL Cinematic Universe: Phase Four films.


        Kind of hard to put a release date when you haven’t even casted the actors or started production

    57. Anishkiren Nadan

      Y nowdays to many girl superheroes and in marvel

      1. Anishkiren Nadan

        @DC / MARVEL FANDOM not like that but they replace to many my question is y to many


        Way to be sexist you don’t have a problem when there are man superhero movies but you have a problem with female superhero movies

    58. Rohit Panda

      Yoo, 1:32 onwards is so powerful. the fact they seamlessly transitioned the noise from the audience. WB could never touch it's DC Fans heart

    59. L CK

      The music getting hype when the Eternal started to show up with Serci dialogue "We are the the one whos change everything".

      1. Alberto Rojas


    60. JonahT


    61. Pierre-ange Lambert


    62. Khasa Aala Chahar Fan ꪜ

      *Wakanda Forever* 😍😍😍

    63. vishal chopra

      wakanda forever

    64. Shushant Singh

      It got me crying.

    65. Isaac Bird

      Wakanda forever comes out on my birthday

    66. Sebastian Williams

      2:22 The Camera in the Background left XD

    67. Titangamerhd


    68. Indo Medsos

      Marvel fans : 😃😃😃

    69. vaibhavbaghel vaibhavbaghel

      Abe marvel valo chutiyo movie tumne kab kab de rakh ki hai

    70. Bong Gamer

      I love❤️ marvel heros

    71. 김민건

      Work work work!!!!!!

    72. Ben Lasher

      Me: Can't wait for more Also Me: Man, I spent a lot of money in theaters and on Blu Rays on these.

    73. Andrew Jackson

      This is the best trailer to come out since iw and endgame

      1. Kartik Singh

        Spider man far from home trailer was too good

      2. Andrew Jackson

        @Joe C Homie I never said this would top them. I said this is the best trailer to come out since then. I'm not saying this'll get 230M views or whatever.

    74. Iliana Martinez

      @ronaldrios83920:JESUS=👑 GOD=👑

    75. Iliana Martinez

      @ronaldrios83920:Jesus forgives you all and God forgives you all and Share the Gospel if you want and I hope to see you all in heaven

      1. Iliana Martinez

        @ronaldrios83920:HAVE A GOOD DAY🥰🥰🥰

      2. Iliana Martinez

        @ronaldrios83920:not Forcing

      3. Iliana Martinez

        @ronaldrios83920:AND GIVE YOUR LIFE TO JESUS

    76. Iliana Martinez

      @froilan_2020:John 3:16 “For God so loved the world he gave his one and only son and whoever believes in him shall not perish but live eternal life

    77. juwita p

      cinta bngt sm marvel

    78. Kaine

      Audience reactions are always chilling

    79. hayet dif

      that wakanda forever made me cry

    80. Avnie Gupta

      I can’t wait! I’m so hyped for phase 4!!

    81. neoplante

      2:56 fantastic four

    82. Still Picture

      Lee’s voice. 😭

    83. WalkersForLife

      My daily dosage of goosebumps , Ladies and gents.

    84. _ RafliMC _

      This Is No Place To Die -BlackPhanter

    85. MLC GAMING

      you should do marvel studios Celebrates the series

    86. PNR G


    87. #Sarai's L!fe

      AHHHHHHHHH😝😝😝😝 IM HYPE ASF AND HEARING STAN LEE’S VOICE MADE ME CRY🥲🥺🥺🥺 The only thing I can say that worries me is the fact that some of the superheros are being played by different/new actors (like Captain America).

    88. Mr. Han

      Picture abhi baki hai mere dost

    89. Dharshan raj

      Shang chi🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    90. Ruth Ross


    91. Talkative Yellow Toad

      “That man next to you, he’s your bother” The way Stan says that makes me smile every time 😄

    92. Galactic Eternal Forceuser

      Some people maybe move on... But not us!

    93. Sandipan Hazra

      To those people who ask, why are you always so hyped about Marvel... Have a look at this teaser dear... This is how you celebrate movies... This is how you celebrate a UNIVERSE... The Marvel Cinematic Universe ❤️

    94. Mattie


    95. Caden Bagasao

      Here’s a crazy theory from people: Since the GotG title is grey, Drax will die. If volume 2 was purple, Yondu died, so people are assuming that Drax will die because the title is grey.

      1. Kartik Singh

        The first guardian of the galaxy movie was blownish, and in that movie groot died

      2. Caden Bagasao

        @DC / MARVEL FANDOM blue, purple, whatever. You know what I mean.


        But Yondu isn’t purple

    96. Dæd Rabbit


    97. Lance D

      This is happiness

    98. Denny carol s.

      Guardians of the galaxy vol.3 🔥 MAY 2021→MAY 2023

    99. Drake

      Yeah, I like the money too

    100. Tamizh Arasan

      Is that the logo of The avengers reunion?

      1. uncanny dcmarvelous

        2:56 this? Is the Fantastic 4 reboot logo.