Brave Girls - Chi Mat Ba Ram MV

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    1. 김찬찬

      에휴 소속사옴겨라

    2. 정주

      Listening in august? Raise ur hand..

    3. 예다미

      다들 신나보이고 노래도 성공적이고 넘 보기 좋아요!!!!!

    4. One pair

      Can't live without this. I'll come again

    5. Roman Paguio

      Of course they’re all amazing, but Eunji’s, “call me desperado” are definitely my favorite verses in the song!

    6. Lourdes sinthia Arizaca aquino

      simplementee hermosooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wow

    7. 가온

      들어도들어도 주문진 앞바다에서 첨듣는 상쾌함

    8. 배종호

      치맛바람 짱 좋아요

    9. 버디forever♡


    10. 🍒체리 티비

      우리 2살 동생이 보고 춤처요 저도요 너무예뻐서 저도 브레이브걸스 되고싶어요

    11. Harshmeet


    12. ㅇㅇㅈ

      아 노래 너무 좋다 여행가고 싶다

    13. 소라


    14. laura murillo

      Ya estamos a mitad de semana! De a poco nos acercamos al fin de semana y que mejor que escuchar a las preciosas!🙌👌

    15. Chloe B

      Thanks fearless for helping Dreamcatcher!!!

    16. hope.

      insomnia streaming CMBR

    17. Yoongi

      Tremendo tema

    18. Gish

      Yuna in this school skirt is so cute OMG I can't.

    19. Blue Ray


    20. Nerfy

      tbh I would have no problem with this getting soty, but people will probably pick something else, I mean next level made a huge splash for example.

    21. مَيـا .!

      تشگون شگ بالعباس 😭💗


      Una canción alegre y relax 😁 , como para el Verano .🤗

    23. wuju sonyeo

      this song is gonna timeless even after summer its playable wbk

    24. Suyin

      Estoy orgullosa de ellas💜

    25. straykidsssunshine en IG

      Intercalare las canciones de mis reinas con el debut de KIM WOOJIN

    26. andrei Fernando Cola

      No paro de escuchar este Arte 😍😍👑👑🎶🎵

    27. ʟʏɴɴ

      Before next cb Keep Streaming Guys!!

    28. Angel Swan (◍•ᴗ•◍)

      We Aré "BRAVE GIRLS" Me encantó todo el MV, hace un mes que salió y sigo sin olvidarlo es icónico

    29. ame

      Not a fan but this will forever remind me of summer 2021

    30. sukoh

      오예~치ㆍ맛ㆍ바ㆍ람 💙💙💙💙

    31. 독고구패

      일 마치고 오니 33.333.333호 놓쳤네

    32. 미니미니

      예뻐요 예뻐요ssd2

    33. W TR

      3,333만 축하축하 🎉 ^^♡

    34. お先にどうぞ。

      0:57 「Yeeeeeeeeeees!!!!!」

    35. Euijin LIM

      00:09 아 세차하기 귀찮아

    36. 찐

      3333만 ㅊㅊ

    37. Nhi Yến


    38. Some Random Gay contents

      I can't move on to this song idk why

      1. imaslut4onda ♡

        They put some drugs in it

    39. Ichi Blade

      Que lindas :3 las amo y un título en Español 💖

    40. Bebek Goreng Uri Bady

      GO far Away

    41. Sandra Leon G

      Estas chicas sacan buenas musicas ... hacen que mueva todo el esqueleto 😄😂😊😍


      Brave Girls



    44. Jenduekie’s C♡ffee(random RESPECTFUL i-multi)

      33.3M !! 35M soon !! Don't lose hope FEARLESS !! We can do it !! And don't worry BRAVE GIRLS We are still here

    45. golden hualian


    46. golden hualian


    47. golden hualian

      I love this song

    48. alice


    49. bluediamond

      i’m so glad that they’re finally getting the spotlight they deserve

    50. WJSN

      "Chi Mat Ba Ram" on MelOn and Genie ▶️ 47,339,691 streams 👥 3,223,539 unique listeners

      1. Chloe B


    51. Cazadøra Aika

      El nombre esta en español! Gracias!

    52. 흑노을


    53. 버디forever♡

      3400만 화이팅

    54. 버디forever♡

      34M fighting

    55. 독고구패

      오늘도 출석

    56. Floppa Sempai

      Let's streams

    57. Silvia Gómez

      Brave Girls are the "new" summer group and you can't deny that . I love their vibe so much ^^ Fighting! You've worked really hard!!!!

    58. KHJ

      노래제목 용형땜에 개촌스러움 자만 x , 의상그냥 저런 청치마로 통일하는거부터 촌스러움 자만x 용형 입김좀 빼라 감잃었다 분명

    59. Once pingui🐧

      Su fandom es el verdadero army

    60. 스포일러

      우리 은지는 노래도 잘하고 발음도 잘들 리고 댄스도 한춤한다고

    61. 믹스

      에어컨 켜고 들으면 효과 200% 증가. 피어레스는 더위에 대한 내성이 2배 상승했다-♬

    62. 배서윤

      이번에 맴버들 미모 왜이리 ㅁㅊ냐 그리고 민영님 파트 내 취져♡

    63. vincent K

      이 노래는 기분이 좋아지는노래갔내요^^

    64. Majuan

      Yuna 💕💕

    65. 훈제오리

      치맛바람이 불어와 치 맛바람이 불어와 치 맞바람이 불어와...?

    66. 정은심

      오늘 뮤비 촬영 장소 성지순례 다녀왔습니다~ 화면으로 보던 곳을 직접 보니 가슴이 벅차오르더라구요. 쁘야호~ 라고 외치고 싶은걸 겨우 참았답니다 ㅋㅋ 쁘야호~♡

    67. 서인국 한테 꽂힌 나

      놀라운건 이분들 30대인데 저 외모와 가창력과 댄스실력까지... 나보다 더하다

    68. Haya Bi

      Im so touched by their past life.. Im so happy for them now they lived the life of a real celebrity .. lastly Thank you BG for not giving up .. I will always support you till the end

    69. 독고구패

      노래가 들으면 기분이 좋아져야 좋은 노래지~

    70. sukoh


    71. Just a fan girl

      My eyes tear up every time I think about how Brave girls achieved success.

    72. 정우승

    73. La La

      Hearing 2nd gen idols music hits different in these beat drops generation. I felt like young and fresh again. Hope to new gen did this kind of music vibes

    74. Carmen Huang

      Did people give up on streaming? It’s so sad to see how slow the views are, this song is a bop, I come here multiple times a day. Cmon don’t be lazy and stream

    75. 낮은울타리

      사랑한다 단발좌 💙

    76. 정현빈 급식왕 썰토리 안티

      Brave girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Latinoamérica las quiere PERÚ 🇵🇪 buena canción

      1. hope.

        Perú siempre

      2. straykidsssunshine en IG

        Perú presente

    78. snitchii


    79. 심야귀신

      노래 개미쳤음ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    80. May Thet Zaw

      This song is too good for ignore

    81. 배종호

      사랑해요 쁘걸♡

    82. Kasturi Pandey

      Our love and pride brave girls ❤️ Guys keep streaming and sharing this mv as much as u can . We are fearless we can do it😻

    83. 온리

      싫어요 누른사람 나와봐

    84. Ana Julia Lima Lana

      Who else is stuck in this video again?

    85. 헉이라는 생물

      아 씨 바람보다 상쾌하게 노래 부르면 어떡해요 사람 설레게

    86. Rodrigo Oliveira

      Estou impressionado o quanto esse clipe e tao incrivel a musica e maravilhosa

    87. 버디forever♡

      summer queens

    88. 버디forever♡

      유정 smile melts my frozen heart.

    89. Dumbi chingu ^^

      Brave girls QUEENS



    91. Isa P.

      Que himno ❤️💝

    92. Isa P.


    93. Max Mayott


    94. Nancy

      Spanish sub, yaaaas 💜

    95. Nine Muses CRaZy Fans

      1st place is for Nine Muses only go away you will disband verry son you stole us believe me

      1. qwsycl

        you're hating on other girl groups and you're victimizing urself now? the fucking misogyny

      2. Nine Muses CRaZy Fans


      3. Vale Medina

        OMG a Mine causing, or trying to start a fanwar, thats New, i am Also a fan of Namyu, but Op comment, dont make me feel second hand embarrasement and do something more usefull, like watching Sera vids or keumjo and Hyuna's covers please uwu

      4. qwsycl

        then give your group first win. that's why namu wasn't successful because of the shitty mistreatment of their company, sadly they weren't inactive in a long time plus they also reunited in mmtg. i am happy to see 2nd gen ggs reuniting. btw you're the first mine who likes to throw hate to other groups.