His Voice Is So Emotional That Even Simon Started To Cry!

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    His Voice Is So Emotional That Even Simon Started To Cry!

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    1. Gabriela Trajano

      amo demais!

    2. mina ssilia

      It's difficult ,I have left my father since in 2009 .I have suffered.

    3. Michael & Friends

      pissed off how much this hit me in the feels

    4. Tracy Durant

      How I feel about my brother glad you are happy with out me

    5. Claudia Boschetti

      È UN DONO DAL CIELO ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    6. Luis F. Elgueta

      Donde puedo encontrar la traduccion de la letra?

    7. Neide Mendonca

      Assistindo hoje, esse espetáculo! Alguém que entende português ou é brasileiro, sabe o nome dessa música? Agradeço desde já a quem se dispor a me responder!

    8. Bernd Ciemek

      Sie war in den ersten

    9. kunizuchi•sama

      The frizen Simon's heart beated for his mim,oh well ._. he is not that good at saying good things to the participants,like he use to be cold to the people,te it's sad but né made people sad too, he can say what he thinks but without hurting people ye?

    10. Tracey McGuire

      So beautiful 😍

    11. Badrur Rozi

      Simon itu seorang juri yang berhati keras. Namun kali ini dia menangis, amazing

    12. ePlants Nursery

      "Captivating, got me right in the heart & speechless" ! brilliant, truly beautiful Josh. Love & best wishes to you xx

    13. Carlos Augusto

      verdadeira amizade

    14. Jxson

      Me if I was Simon and I heard his voice one sec: SPAMS GOLDEN BUZZER

    15. Andreia Livia

      Gente qual o nome da música???

    16. Viviane Maria

      Por favor qual o nome da música alguém pode me dizer?

    17. Maria Francisca Mota Cunha Vasconcelos Simões

      O simon tinha perdido a mãe recentemente, portanto também sentiu a múdica da maneira k foi cantada

    18. Maria luiza Rodrigues

      O musical mais lindo do mundo 🌎 Brasil parabéns mg

    19. Maria luiza Rodrigues

      Isso não é um musical e um poema lindo mg Brasil

    20. Daniel Tavares


    21. konde fibs

      Imagine if it was a song

    22. Tracy Phiri

      2021 am here crying who cutting onions

    23. Динара Мадыбекова

      Ай молодец 👍 Джош ты Супер

    24. Manju Singh

      Hes made me cry 😥😥

    25. Rachel de Jesus dos S. Faria Quel

      Muito lindo eu chorei

    26. Rosie

      My grandma recently died and she's now with my mom, dad and grandpa, and I'm jealous that they are happy without me ..

    27. Максим Леденев

      We are also People. Аnd we want peace

    28. Heather Reigle

      I just loss my mother in law last february and this song is so for her your voice is like an angel .so sorry for your loss may he always be in your heart ❤️

      1. Stephen anthony

        This song brings back memories

    29. Tiarma sihotang

      My mother have died three years ago. I thought as if she was happy with me in the heaven. I Miss you so much mom. Rest on peace. We love you

      1. _lxxnix __

        My mum killed herself 5,5 years ago so I can comprehend what you going through.. if you want to talk, just contact me.. stay strong! Insta: _lxxnix__

      2. James Carderwood

        I’m James from Miami Florida USA how are you doing

      3. James Carderwood

        I’m so sorry about that beautiful sunshine

      4. Tiarma sihotang

        I mean, i thought as if she was happy without me in the heaven. Rest in peace my mom💜

      5. Bridget D'Angelis-Cappello Luna Mortis

        I'm so sorry for your loss It's horrible I know what you mean. my mom died April 2008 ...... I know I'll never get over loosing my mother. The pain of loosing your mother is a pain that feels like it could kill. Again I'm sincerely sorry about the loss of your mother. hope all is well and keep strong. I know that I try every day.

    30. Marilena Luca

      Minunat 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖!!!!

    31. Sinoxolo Bakada

      I lost my cousin last year it just reminded me of her...😭😭😭😭

    32. 阿祥


    33. Aziz Saleh

      When I heard him I imagined me losing my best friend and I feel so sorry for him

    34. Maribel Arroyo

      Esa cosa ni sentimientos tiene

    35. Sharon Macleod

      I can't stop watching Josh it will always bring tears to my eyes. he is a great performer, and his emotions will make you just melt.God bless you Josh.

      1. James Carderwood

        I’m so sorry about that beautiful sunshine 🌹I’m James from Miami Florida USA 🇺🇸 how are you doing ..?

    36. Rwen Evryl

      gusto ko den sana maiyak kaso mas nakakaiyak hina ng internet e:(

    37. Brigid Van PARYS

      I feel bad for Simon

    38. John Stein

      OMG 🕶

    39. Vasilis LorryDriver

      After 4 years and I'm still crying not only for the singer but also for subtitles in Greek...

      1. James Carderwood

        I’m so sorry about that beautiful sunshine 🌹 I’m James from Miami Florida USA where are you from..?

    40. Аваз Шарипов

      Молодец Саймон отдуши пел.Спасибо

    41. Kamyla Liria

      Amei que lindo 💕

    42. William Allen

      Ama break down 😭😭😭 such a lovely voice 🤭 melody a kick like jacky chang, high note cant go no higher.blessings fam

    43. Yovana Loaiza

      Ese es un Amigó bendiciones

    44. thembelihle gaba

      3 minutes later...no tears

    45. Nazan Oguzhan


    46. Ribeiro Ferreira

      Belíssima interpretação....parabéns

    47. Aida Fernandes


    48. Sheyla Noriega

      Lo entiendo al chico yo también perdí a mi mejor amigo

    49. nickname87

      The best ever

    50. Merlene Lobban

      Beautiful song

    51. Ok Ok

      I'm sobbing🥲

    52. Keerthi Krishnan

      what song ?

    53. daryl chua


    54. Josiane Almeida brito

      Uma brasileira perdida aqui nos comentarios kkkkk arrassou quase chorei

      1. Tati Dalmao

        Una Uruguaya perdida buscando comentarios en español JAJA❤️

      2. kunizuchi•sama


      3. Clifford Offenbach

        @IBS ff is

      4. IBS ff


      5. Pham 12

        Chorei kkk

    55. JR 07

      Di sini Simon nangis krn teringat ama ibu nya yg baru meninggal, pas bgt lagunya, suara cowok dan penghayatannya pas banget, ngena banget (╥_╥) lagu yg di bawain ni cowok pas bgt sama suasana hati Simon wkt itu

    56. Matthew Olugbemi MAIN

      Your friend surely happier where he is. How difficult it is to loose a loved one. My mum died this year. I tried to hold it, but writing the tribute about her i busted out and weeped! I so cried! Couldn't hold it before my children. Remembering how much she shared her life with us, how much she suffered for us, how much she denied herself pleasures just to get us up. Still miss her even now, just for more time to love her more, take care of her and for to just sit and enjoy more. But I take comfort in God, she finished her course, part of which i and my siblings are a product of. And more so, that we are believers and she is in Christ, so would surely meet again.

      1. Zusaana Osmaneigal

        There's no ward's could say what's in your heart only you know it but be strong, i don't know what to say

    57. Sibilla Awases

      When i see people crying. .....I don't now then I will also start crying

    58. Luchachi's Boredom

      How they didn't do the gold buzzer is beyond me

    59. Kelly Tyrrell

      Still chills me. Beautiful!

    60. Odoabuchi Franklin

      Nice noe

    61. Stephen Wittmann

      Hell yes go get ya dream...😍

      1. Ginson kenn


    62. Holly Johnson

      I'm not crying... 😑

    63. Ivone Andrade


    64. Kblo Duarte

      What is the name of this judge ( girl ) ? Tks

    65. Hanan Hammoud

      I cry.. omg that so beatiful 🥺🥺😢

      1. Ernest Welon

        Hey dear how are you doing over there ?

    66. Dava Radianto

      Ra ngerti nyanyi opp

    67. Team Bubbles

      His voice and the message of the song can make me cry

    68. Team Bubbles

      His voice and the message of the song can make me cry

    69. Sônia Pantoja

      Deveriam mandar com tradução

    70. Nomzamo Fakude

      This guy made me fall in love with this song and I truly appreciate him 💝💖💝

    71. D C

      my friend is leaving country.. not gonna come more than after 5 yrs.. ..tomorrow hes leaving..

    72. Arli Ramos de Oliveira

      Too emotional... and wonderfull!

    73. Kiell Wm

      I understand very well how you feel😥

    74. Tuvira Na praia

      Top vídeo que o KOround me recomenda

    75. Thinh Dv

      Việt Nam

    76. Brady Wilson

      I haven’t even heard him sing yet & I want to cry 😭

    77. حقي الجميلي

      دموعك غالية ي سايمون

    78. Christina Ritonga

      his voice brings me to the time I lost her, the lady of my heart, the one that always pray for me.

      1. James Carderwood

        I’m so sorry about that beautiful sunshine 🌹I’m James from Miami Florida USA 🇺🇸 how are you doing ..?

      2. Christina Ritonga

        @Mary Schoonover I can feel you. I will pray for you. May God strengthen you too, amen.

      3. Nootmare _Playz

        @Mary Schoonover Omgsosorrry:(

      4. Mary Schoonover

        He made me cry I lost to of my children

    79. itz_madwin

      no cap I cried

    80. Socrates

      He gave him standing ovation while he was leaving omg or was Simon also leaving the set

    81. Socrates

      Simon cries : 395M :- aye, that's interesting

    82. Herminia Trigo

      Lindo tem voz espectacular...

    83. Халиль Амирзянов

      Охренеть как этот мальчик поёт. Красава!

    84. Nonde Angel

      Someone help me with the Artist and Title of the song please This gat me crying😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    85. Normina Abdul

      His voice to make crying Olds. Because nice music

    86. poupye & Monk


    87. poupye & Monk

      Okay ai coming my father uthis

    88. you tried it

      Can't believe I cried wow 👏👏👏👏🤍

    89. Lori Garza

      His voice is fantastic! Wow

    90. Kom4me Vlog

      I still got moved no matter how I repeat watching this.

    91. Joyfulsingingbird Scott

      Beautiful! Nice job keep singing.. You really got Simon.. us all 🙏 you will see him again

      1. Christ omlin

        Christopher Dwayne Tomlin is an American contemporary Christian music singer, songwriter, and worship leader from Grand Saline, Texas, United States who has sold over 7 million records. He is a member of Passion Conferences and is signed to EMI's sixstepsrecord

    92. The word

      Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy lovingkindness: according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions. Wash me throughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin. For I acknowledge my transgressions: and my sin is ever before me. Against thee, thee only, have I sinned, and done this evil in thy sight: that thou mightest be justified when thou speakest, and be clear when thou judgest. (Psalms 51:1-4 [KJV]) ~~**~~ I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5 [KJV])

    93. A3sBearThetic

      *me clicking video*:okay I bet it's not that big of a deal. *Me in middle of video* : *tears come out of nowhere* *me just finished the * : okay,I guess if Simon cries then it's true *wipes tears*

    94. Olga Slichenko

      SUPER!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    95. Eva Souza

      Que maravilhosoooooo. Lindo, foi esplêndido demais. Uhhuu