Movie Intro Medley (Acapella)


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    Movie Intro Medley (Acapella) by Maytree
    Arrangement by Maytree
    Directed by napkinsmusic

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    1. Renan Vicentini


    2. Kevin Demarsin

      The universal part was the best in my opinion. Very powerful

    3. Rachmat Sofyan

      Columbia the best one 😁

    4. Hi Lol

      Chills, chills I say

    5. Беко Music

      Смотрю уже 5,6ое видео 🤣🤣

    6. Sofa

      Their voice so god damn pure

    7. mrburns

      the disney one sounds so pretty

    8. Victorious Gaming

      Kya hallaa kar raha hai😡

    9. Artem master

      А как же Фонд кино???

    10. Le Phoque

      I think they are chorusing and beatboxing at the same time

    11. panji18606 channel

      john williams did you just see this ?

    12. Elena Playz

      The Disney won is sooooooo good


      Son unos genios !! Saludos desde uruguay buen video

    14. Brogan Corder

      Uni-ver-suul Fucking hilarious 😂😂

    15. FadhiL Mohammad

      Universal remind me of minion hahaha

    16. Mohith Srinivas

      Warner bros Tom and Jerry when I was small I use to watch daily missed those days lol

    17. Tung Nguyen


    18. Debu Jalanan

      Netflix needs to upgrade its opening sound. 😂

    19. artchnicalshadows ofc xxXxx ad•axk xchanel

      and so in Japan I THINK

    20. Beatbox gamer boy

      0:13 lol

    21. lavm

      Columbia les salió perfecta, pero me gustó más de Universal, aunque jamás he visto un intro que diga la palabra Universal, solo el sonido.

    22. lm3sl

      😂😂😂 gg guys

    23. Miraculously Miraculous

      0:11 had me literally wheezing kshehwjqjwhhxhsjskaaajsh lol

    24. Cisco Jr.

      Where is the MGM intro?

    25. Metehan Goztepe

      Parlament cinema club sundays night movie

    26. Guido Samson

      Thenterminator 1 and 2 intro please

    27. Antonio Jr. Andaya

      Warner Brothers is so pleasing to the ears!!!

    28. Zaptrox

      Soooo amazing! Amazing voices!

    29. Geet Salame

      These people are just awesome ❤️

    30. Balthazar


    31. Hoodie Wolf

      0:11 Good god That guy should've had a stroke from that

    32. EliteClyder X

      Meme worthy

    33. Kurt can be a weeb

      Everyone talking about the disney intro but is no one gonna talk about the universal intro?

    34. Mr. Mdroidy

      0:47 *You Need Bonsai*

    35. Golfy Ptsr

      0:17 Pammmmm !!!!

    36. Virtual Warfare

      Yo that Disney intro was better than the original

    37. kent leonhart

      Honestly, I prefer the tablet.

    38. DENEB


    39. Manoel Mota

      missed dreamworks ;-;

    40. MRSP PSRM

      I'm still waiting for the movie to play...damn these logos

    41. gedi route

      Netflix gave me surprise cills

    42. gedi route


    43. Alonso Hogwarts

      I've watched this video hundreds of times! It's great!

    44. Daniel Latham

      Good to see Michael McIntyre take up singing

    45. Acid


    46. Rayndom Ho Tyng Tian

      Walt Disney 0:25 I find the best!

    47. Olivia the Koala

      Oh my gAWD netflix sounded so REALLLL

    48. Salomo Stevanooz

      WB logo seems lagging... well, that's not new...

    49. Q F


    50. Boombaboom

      The guy who screams sounds like Markiplier 0:11

    51. Chuck Lee

      1:00 유니버섯

    52. Simon Gutierrez

      dou es epico

    53. Simon Gutierrez


    54. Tha Real Mccoy

      content like this is one of the rare good things bout the 21st century

    55. RsamuelR65xD

      Tranquilos yo si hablo español y El video estaba genial

    56. Aqueel Kadri

      *When the intro starts in the background:* Oh no I don't remember what that sounds like *When they start singing:* Oh yeah thats exactly what it sounds like 😂

    57. Riya Abhay

      The Netflix one was so on point!!

    58. nick ladeeda

      Netflix. For the win.

    59. Steve Matthews

      0:46 Didn't know there were lyrics. Wonderful


      0:18 goku got into his body

    61. Ddnyvl namonaki

      well i guess the netflix it was the easy one

    62. Evita Petrou

      Universal? First time in my life I realize that is saying Universal!😹

    63. Roberto Ernesto Villaseñor Rosas

      Hello, I am a big fan of your work and I love your performances, but you asked me to make a short film for a school project, could I use an extract of your audio for my project ???

    64. Pilanee Pilanee

      Where is the Metro Goldwyn??

    65. meichi exa

      please do the THX

    66. budi hermawan

      it turns out we spent 2 minutes just looking at the intro

    67. 정원혁

      저런걸 아카펠라로!?

    68. Василий Шитков

      Where private intro?

    69. Wasab


    70. Connor

      I like that all intro I feel like I'm inside the television when I heard that all. I missed it😔

    71. Chadx M

      quite entertaining

    72. Joseph Martin


    73. Farouky 2

      Can someone make the universal part 5 minutes long? XD

    74. 집버워치[집버워치]

      김장훈이 있을 줄이야.

    75. isaac ssali

      Netflix gave me goosebumps

    76. Rasyid Azrians-Yeah

      pom pam pam

    77. OGsteel

      Just know when u see colombia its a good movie......say im wrong

    78. ksy7348

      Actually They debuted quite long ago in 2000..

    79. AmaanDaSauceboss

      They deserve more subscribers

    80. ThisBeAnimated

      The Netflix one is too good

    81. Arton Wedderburn

      If the upcoming movies don't start like this, we aren't watching them.

    82. CyberShiroGX

      I did not realise they actually say Universal for the Universal one

    83. Kc Lovendino


    84. Khloei 0208

      baby give me milk mom no more milk baby 0:12

    85. Julux

      Trrffffff pampampampampampampampampampampampampaaaaaam

    86. William Souza

      COLOMBIA 😳

    87. kookie •,•

      Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk I loved

    88. Foxtrot Foxtrot Lima

      LOL, put the Netflix one in between all the others.

    89. James Abreu


    90. Rustam Sai

      "universal" reminded about civilization 5

    91. da asian beast

      Bskh bakh

    92. Uniqio 99

      All are there but Where is disney

    93. TastyTarco

      disney gave me the feels....

    94. GENRE

      got goosebumps when I heard the walt disney

      1. Mischa SMN

        Mee too

    95. Creedence89

      Disney intro sound very classic👍

    96. cat white

      왜 김장훈 목소리가 들리지....

    97. Nazif Ahmed

      U need more salt

    98. SideStreetReaper

      this is what we all need now

    99. Mayuresh Kadu

      wow! Just plain - fun.