Samsung Galaxy sound effect (acapella)


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    Samsung Galaxy sound effect (acapella)
    Music arranged by Maytree
    Video directed by Napkins music

    #samsung​ #galaxy​ #humaneffect

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    1. Anna Dairo

      Their S10 version is way better than the actual S10 version of that ringtone.

    2. Isis ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

      For me, I think the best was the Galaxy S9

    3. Juan Ramírez


    4. Alfath Edits

      the S6 gives me a nostalgic vibes 8)

    5. Jitender Y

      S10 😍

    6. iTz-REGUEL-420


    7. NatalieFluffTail PlaysRoblox


    8. Monarchus

      Nice recomendation

    9. Vickie Miller


    10. Private R

      0:02 poo poo

    11. S B

      This is why I always search 'korean' !

    12. Kiro Blast

      If they make a VST I will pay $400 for it. These voices are great

    13. Akshay patil

      can you make separate S10 ringtone please I loved to set as my ringtone

    14. Al Tra

      Please make on Nokia 1100 version mobile.

    15. Nil Kaya

      I’m iphone user for 8 years and why do I still remember all the melodies of samsung :Ddd the last samsung I had was a mini samsung galaxy gio or something. 9-10 years ago :D

    16. TFGJO19

      0:23, 0:42 & 0:53 are the best 😍

    17. Why are you gae?

      I come to watch this 20 more times.

    18. jawkhong Innaw

      This is so satisfactory

    19. Lily Debbarma

      She looks like Tzuyu

    20. AdrysSpace TheOtaku

      Hasta para hacer Beat son unos genios

    21. Denzel Reyes


    22. Always Eldridge

      0:01 Charge 0:03 Galaxy S 0:12 Galaxy S2 0:22 Galaxy S6 0:31 Galaxy S8 0:42 Galaxy S9 0:52 Galaxy S10

      1. Always Eldridge


    23. Gabriel's Epic Life of Goals

      POV: "This HAS to be edited!"

    24. Elroi Demssis


    25. Muhammad arsalan Khan

      Galaxy s9 and s10 🔥🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    26. mohd taif

      Honer sound effects

    27. mohd taif

      Best music and samaung galaxy very nice

    28. IF Neil

      Do realme

    29. Lasithi De Costa

      S20? 🙁

    30. Lime A

      I missed my Samsung S2

    31. Yang Jerry

      Samsung should use their voices for S22 over the horizon

    32. Abdul WasiTak


    33. Pavita Devi

      Oppo sounds effect

    34. Romich


    35. patrick bilgera

      Pinoy : So many utong.

    36. naga raju

      Woman who hold the tab is so beautiful and voice is amazing

    37. midnight_girl96

      why is this not in 1 million YET!!!

    38. zoE

      Omg childhood sounds 🤧👍

    39. Vasudev Singh Dhawan

      0:41 - 0:52 EEEPPPPIIICCCC. S9

    40. New Learners

      This so satisfying

    41. CyanZLog

      I need Galaxy S2 extended

    42. Naleen Asmad

      It’s so pretty

    43. cad_ mium

      how many times more do i have to listen to this video..................i am addicted to this channel's videos

    44. Lanka Sandamali


    45. Sarqqxxvibes

      S8 xddd

    46. New Moon Face Google

      Go get the full versions for S8, 9 and 10 because they sound divine 🤩🤩🤩

    47. Kaimastefan

      Do it with Xiaomi

    48. 남준의-보조개 uwu

      Apple could never

    49. Nicholas Lee

      Finally some good stuff from KOround recommendation

    50. Cyclone_Hour

      As a Galaxy 8 user. That is so accurate.

    51. Blaze gaming

      I swear this remind me of incerdbox

    52. - SERAPHIM -

      1:08 she's starting to laugh

    53. SniperSketchesFTW

      Imagine if when u wake up you hear this group of individuals singing.

    54. Iga Sokoll


    55. Sarah Ishaq

      WOW !! What was that !!??

    56. SS49 MC

      I got goosebumps watching this

    57. Graphics Lab

      Why each sound is by chine's not the whole world

    58. Sai and the Coolits Adventures

      Here before they became ringthones

    59. Joloman 2.0

      You guys should do Playstation sounds.

    60. Nur Amalina Ezzati


    61. Roblox rodeo plays

      I NEED a FULL version of the tune of S9 (over the horizon)

    62. Mercury75

      This is awesome !

    63. -.P I C O T H I N G.-

      Dont lie, you watched this more than 1 time.

    64. 가나다


    65. Memedeck

      Plot twist: you actually pay 70% of a samsung phone price so you can hear its ringtones.

    66. CarlsbadParadise

      This is unbelievable talented.

    67. Leo Thunders

      Galaxy 6 extended version NOW


      Omg I've watched your video atleast 50 times in last 2 days. Your voice help me relax

    69. Waqar Masood

      0:12. The best!

    70. Ugli

      Can not thing tahts real

    71. -•Oʜ ʟᴏʟʟʏ ʟᴏʟʟɪᴘᴏᴘ•-

      Damn, it reminds me of pitch perfect 😂✌

    72. •TaylorX•

      I've replaced the original ringtones with theirs.

    73. chrisna al hafiz

      S9 is the best intro

    74. Raunak Roy

      Girl holding tablet has amazing voice ,others are also very talented. It's so calming that I watched this on loop😍😍😍😍

    75. The Truth

      For some reason this makes me feel I'm traveling in airplanes and airports and I love it so much

    76. IlikePainting

      I cant belive it!!!!!! 💗

    77. Gaurav Patel

      Did anyone notice they all have a tint of blue 🔵

    78. Raccoon Boi

      I have IPhone and I’m jealous

    79. Alysia Slattery

      Casually watching this masterpiece on my Samsung Galaxy A10

    80. Sillyuify

      Now this is my new ringtone

    81. Mashfiq Jamal

      No samaung comment? Why?????😠😠

    82. Tomoki

      Old Nokia plz

    83. H a p p y d a y

      Over the horizon best ringtone in the world...

    84. Vi Dang

      I would be happy to switch to Samsung IF anyone can get these guys to make ringtones for Samsung. OH MY! This cures my depression

    85. yukelellie:øfficiàl gaming

      My phones i think a galaxy s6

      1. yukelellie:øfficiàl gaming

        Or s9

    86. EcoGranite

      I grew up with a samsung phones and this just brings me back

    87. Lê Văn Tịnh

      0:23 I want a 2 hours version of this.

    88. HosuTheBoss

      한국분들은 없나요?

    89. Salman Husain Zaidi

      It’s sad to me the Video is End😥

    90. Moches Jeon


    91. boris 19

      Compare galaxy s to galaxy s10

    92. Wholesome Things

      Like if this pop out on recomended

    93. Hridi's Vlogs

      Over the horizon is underrated

    94. 元KING元


    95. alex Chan

      Visit everyday

    96. Rizki Abnan

      Too many times this content always come on my own. I never bored hear this one❤️

    97. Morpeko TV 莫魯貝可 TV モルペコ TV

      They are doing so nice, what's sound do you like?

    98. CleanChamp

      When people not in drugs

    99. GreenXDXD

      i love the beginning part of s9