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    Love Synonym 2: Right For Us - available now. Listen at: WONHO.lnk.to/LoveSynonymNo2ID

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    1. car3

      I can’t get over yooooooooooou

    2. Shine Forever

      I've never seen so many talents in one person

    3. Xreem X


    4. Wonho_sun 1

      Wenees let's go 6m .

    5. Sreeja Roy

      6M vi3wes at least

    6. Xreem X

      Wenee let’s gooo

    7. sebastian de la cruz


    8. Gaybiss

      They more I watch this the more I’m gay over him 💖

      1. Zyta

        Let it be, keep watching! 😂

    9. derp

      5.9 when lord I need something to make him go viral again but what???

      1. derp

        @Zyta I'm out of ideas 😭😭😭

      2. Zyta

        Please make him viral again. 🥲

    10. Amanda Santiliana

      A música é muito boa

    11. Lishy

      I love you Lee Hoseok ♡

    12. Katy Momoka Cori

      nos falta poco para los 6 M ...wonho precioso😍

    13. Samy Nova

      Wouu el escenario al inicio esta sumamente bien pero luego se vuelve tan destruido

    14. Samy Nova

      Nuestro Dios Griego alborota do nuestros corazones ♡

    15. Genessa Gillespie Hughes

      I’m just wondering why he still hasn’t hit 1 mil. I can’t wait for people to start listening to him and see how much individual talent he has.

      1. Zyta

        poor agency promotion....he should be very famous by now if his company promote him properly. 🥲

    16. v 7w7

      Literal las vit4s no suben

    17. v 7w7

      Ouwaua wonho best person

    18. Rose Mary

      شخباركم وويني خلونا نوصله ٦ الهمه

    19. Shadow Lynx

      Ugh...I really really want that first surprise! Let's watch more!!!

    20. Roro X


    21. Nia Gardé

      Este temazo nunca nunca me lo sacaré de la mente

    22. Xreem X

      Wenee let’s goooo

    23. Xreem X


    24. Roro X

      My best man in the world

    25. Roro X

      Wonho so talented I can’t over this song!!!

    26. Roro X


    27. Roro X

      He is ART

    28. humaira abas


    29. humaira abas


    30. Cristi GR

      Ya casi tendremos dance practiceee Falta poco para 6M!!!

    31. humaira abas


    32. naoxi lee


    33. Eli Quintana

      Wonho eres hermoso

    34. Just A Human

      We are indeed a small fandom and everyone even a lot of people from his own fandom use Wonho just for clout i'm so tired

    35. Just A Human

      Not even 6 million in 2 months is a crime idc what anyone says

    36. Jookyun Honey

      Herşeyin en iyisini hak ediyorsun wohnom sonuna kadar yanındayım

    37. roséinrosé Army Stay Blink #saveralph

      Wonho *KİNG*

    38. addamxsarang

      "I'm stuck in the middle of your maze." so poetic!

    39. TyJoo_I.M Mbb


    40. 潘茜


    41. Verónica Marqués

      Wonho melhor garoto

    42. DOYO


    43. Jom Jom

      Wonho my superman, i love you!

    44. Jom Jom


    45. Olivia De la Mora

      like an action and romantic movie at the same time

    46. awesomesauce bebe

      his voice,, OMG!!!!

    47. Hyungwonho Iam

      After month ago Some of You figure about his music video,is it okay?

    48. pink wenee

      wonho deserves more

    49. Bell Bell

      haciendo más stream es q mi niño es arte porfavor t amo hoseok 😭✋

    50. Cucun Eliah

      My prince

    51. derp

      5.8 come onnnnn

    52. Mariana Reis

      Aí WonHo, vc é sem defeitos 😍🥰😍🥰

    53. Justina Time

      Who said he's just a gorgeous body? He exudes talent!

    54. Fiddany Flores

      No matter how many times I watch it never stops being SO DAM GOOOD Oh my god wonho my man didn't have to go hard because I'm blown away!!!

    55. Brenda Z.P

      Vamos por esos 6 M Wenee !!!

    56. Alisa Dph

      come here after wonho posting the sauna photos on instagram and fancafe xD

    57. MX SG


    58. MX SG

      Te amo!!

    59. MX SG


    60. MX SG

      ART ♡

    61. MX SG


    62. naoxi lee


    63. Oppa Sempai


    64. li Liu


    65. Caroline Selman

      Going to say it, Lose SOTY!!

    66. Julie J.

      He’s just the best!

    67. Sara

      My happiness

    68. cristal

      Vamos por esos 6M ♡♡♡

    69. Bahar Ölmez

      Wonho is the best

    70. Bahar Ölmez

      Lose 6m olursa dünyamız

    71. drgn_no _megami

      I will protect you from haters! I wont let anyone hurt you

    72. drgn_no _megami

      I will keep supporting you

    73. drgn_no _megami

      Wonho i love you

    74. Sasa Sabim

      5.857 M

    75. Gina Mich ChavezV

      Monbebes ya estamos a nada de llegar a los 6 millones, ay que seguir haciendo stream porfavor No olviden: WONHO WORLD DOMINATION LAS AMOOO

    76. Eri

      Vamos nos falta muy poco para la primera meta :)

    77. wonho thee soloist

      lets get the dance practice this weekend !! actually at our rate we’ll probably get there on monday or tuesday but lets push ourselves we can do it 🥺

    78. Monno Antonella

      Falta muy poco para los 6M Wenee, seamos persistentes!!!

    79. Xreem X

      He have special music

    80. Xreem X

      I love this song so much

    81. Xreem X


    82. Xreem X

      Wonho so perfect

    83. Xreem X

      Wonho so talented!!

    84. Xreem X

      Wonho the best solo artist

    85. Xreem X


    86. v 7w7

      Guono eres arteeee :)

    87. v 7w7


    88. Mxone

      every time I watch this I notice some new detail. The whole team did amazing work on this MV

      1. drgn_no _megami

        Yeah me too😭 team wonho is really the best!!!

    89. Hell Yeah

      149K TO GO

    90. Ingrid Varela

      sigamos apoyando a Wonho no sé olviden dejar un comentario

    91. QueenRE

      An Ahgase passing by to admire this masterpiec

      1. July Wenee

        Thank you so much!

      2. Priya Surujbally

        Thank youu 🤍

      3. v 7w7


    92. Diego Apaza clemente

      Wonho mi vida

    93. Diego Apaza clemente

      Wonho perfecto

    94. Diego Apaza clemente

      Wonho es el mejor

    95. Diego Apaza clemente


    96. Diego Apaza clemente

      Capitán corea

    97. Diego Apaza clemente